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Day Interiors: The Shoot Part 2

Welcome to part five of the How to Light Day Interiors series, where we will tie up everything and make our final changes.

Day Interiors: The Shoot Part 1

In this article we’re going to focus on getting the right color temperature with our gels to get beautiful color separation. I’m also going to talk about ratios and...

Day Interiors: The Build Part 2

In this article, we are going to bring in the shafts of light and do a lot of fine-tuning to finesse our image. The spotlight packs the wallop of...

Day Interiors: The Build Part 1

Now that we know where we want our cameras and our talent, we can add haze, finesse our floodlights to create a beautiful key light, and make adjustments to...

Day Exteriors: Wide Shots and Walk-Talks

Restricted Content Thank you for your interest in this product.  You can purchase it through Shane's Store by clicking on the link below.  Thank you! Add to cartQuick View...

Day Exteriors: Location Scouting

When shooting a day exterior scene, consider the track of the sun when creating your shooting schedule, and match the sun’s color temperature with the camera’s Kelvin to ensure...

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