Shane’s Inner Circle

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  • Engage with Shane Hurlbut, ASC as your virtual mentor to learn the advanced techniques of lighting and storytelling that no one else talks about.
  • Understand the reasons for on set decisions through in-depth articles in a format that is engaging and filled with humor.
  • View the results of in-depth tests to save the cost of doing it yourself and make the right choice for your next project.
  • Become creatively inspired with lighting tutorials and DIY techniques.
  • Increase your efficiency and productivity on set with customized camera profiles and LUTs.
  • Make a list of your questions for Shane to answer in the monthly podcast.
  • Network with filmmakers globally and learn new ideas through our private Inner Circle Facebook group.





Lighting Techniques

Get inside Shane’s “lighting playbook,” in which he details how to use lighting essentials for creating and sustaining a compelling story. Two things define cinematography: Where you place the light, and how you create shadow. The first stroke of lighting is the key light, the light that exposes the face. This is where you always begin because where you place the key light dictates where you place your camera. Learning the art of creative lighting is an essential core of Shane’s Inner Circle.

On Set With Shane

Go on set with Shane as a virtual member of his team. See what he sees when walking onto a location for the first time, and how he and the director collaborate about the setting and the script. See the location pictures, details of what Shane is looking for in the light quality in a room, and what needs to be altered in transforming ordinary into extraordinary. Understand Shane’s choices for light and camera placement and the reasons for specific choices with schematics. Learn how to work around unexpected curve balls from Mother Nature, the director, and the ever-changing production schedule for ultimate success in the end.

Film Theory

It is important to balance film-theory fundamentals with more practical solutions that are easily implemented on set. Learn about comprehensive, cinematic solutions that combine film theory and the power of innovative lighting techniques. Cinematic solutions include detailed narratives to explain Shane’s creative purposes and thought processes, the bold choices he regularly makes, and the risks he willingly takes in capturing the director’s cinematic visions.

In-Depth Tests

Shane and his expert team of camera operators constantly test new products, experiment with innovative techniques, and push both to their capability limits. Get to know the subtleties of choosing the right lenses, camera and motion options, and the ideal lighting configuration necessary to optimize the visual flow of the story. Gain insight into how Shane chooses the best camera for capturing the scene that he and the director envisioned. Learn the importance of choosing the best tool for the job with no gratuitous allegiance to a single camera type or lens.

Monthly Podcast

During his monthly podcast, Shane answers questions submitted by Inner Circle members to help with their unique challenges. In addition to inquiries about equipment and technology, subscribers ask Shane how he interprets and captures character emotions that help enhance the theme of the story. Career advice questions are answered, and Shane provides insight on how to access different sources of information. He frequently interprets questions beyond what’s been asked to provide additional insight in addressing the designated subject.

Camera Profiles and LUTs

The picture styles that lensed Act of Valor, The Last 3 Minutes, The Ticket, and more than 150 commercials are included to turn your DSLR into a movie making machine. Increase your efficiency and productivity on set with camera profiles for your C500, C300, C100, C100 MK II, and 1DC that Shane and his team roll out with on a daily basis. Please note that these are released once per month and are dependent on your anniversary date in our system. 

Inner Circle Facebook Community

Your membership gives you entry to a private Facebook group that offers an interactive forum to network with other film professionals. Additional benefits include: new ideas and possible solutions when you are having an issue on set, hear a variety of opinions about gear, learn about high quality seminars, and take part in a creative environment in which Inner Circle members work to support one another in this film community.


Current Inner Circle members share personal stories about how this learning community has expanded their artistic growth. Our membership includes filmmakers ranging from seasoned professionals looking to learn new techniques, to young filmmakers desiring to build a solid foundation in the industry and everyone in between. Lydia and Shane’s original vision for the Inner Circle was about sharing the film knowledge that used to be kept secret to expand the dialogue and professional success of filmmakers around the world.