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Take Your Career to the Next Level

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25 Articles, 2 podcasts, and 2.5 hours of video content

Leadership and Responsibility

  • Leadership 101 – Learning How to be a Leader in the Industry
  • Leadership 102 – Resiliency in the Industry
  • Leadership 103 – Motivating Your Filmmaking Team
  • Leadership 104 – How to Communicate Your Ideas as a Filmmaker

Setting Yourself Up for Success

  • Career Matters 101 – Podcast: Cinematography: From Career Advice to LED Lighting
  • Career Matters 102 – Podcast: Collaborating with Directors in Pre-Production, Location Scouting and Script
  • Breakdown
  • Career Matters 103 – How to Stand Out in Your Market with a Demo Reel (Total run time 28:23)

The Cinematographer’s Tools

  • Understanding Your Light Meter: The Basics
  • Understanding Your Color Meter: The Basics

Composition and Storytelling

  • Composition 101 – Storytelling Through Composition I
  • Composition 102 – Storytelling Through Composition II
  • Composition 103 – Understanding Lens Focal Lengths and How This Makes an Audience Feel
  • Composition 104 – Set Up Your Story in the First Three Minutes with Expansive Intimacy

Camera Movement

  • Camera Motion 101: Why, When and How to Move the Camera

Basic Lighting Techniques

  • Lighting Techniques 101 – How to Train Your Eye
  • Lighting Techniques 102 – Where to Place Your Key Light
  • Lighting Techniques 103 – When to Use a Fill Light
  • Lighting Techniques 104 – Shaping Light is Everything
  • Lighting Techniques 105 – Using Color Temp to Create Depth and Dimension
  • Lighting Techniques 106 – Light for Specific Camera Blocking: Master to Close-Up
  • Lighting Techniques 107 – Bounce Light: Tips To Make You More Confident On Lighting Your Creations
  • Lighting Techniques 108 – Bounce Light: How Light Quality Changes Mood and Tone

DIY Lighting Techniques

  • Lighting Techniques 109 – Building the Perfect Key Light
  • Lighting Techniques 110 – DIY Home Depot Lights

25 Articles, 2 podcasts, and 2.5 hours of video content

Composition and Storytelling

  • Composition 201 – How Lenses Assist Storytelling I
  • Composition 202 – How Lenses Assist Storytelling II
  • Composition 203 – How Lenses Assist Storytelling III


Camera Movement

  • Camera Motion 201: How to Use a Crane to Educate Your Audience

Money Management

  • Money 201 – On Set with Shane Day 5: How to Work with All Departments to Save Money and Put It on the Screen
  • Money 202 – Sample Lighting and Grip Packages
  • Money 203 – Knowing What to Charge for Your Services


Lighting Theory

  • Lighting Theory 201 – Always on Stage inThe Rat Pack
  • Lighting Theory 202 – Hallowed Halls inThe Skulls
  • Lighting Theory 203 – The Natural Look ofCrazy/Beautiful
  • Lighting Theory 204 – Extending Dawn inDrumline
  • Lighting Theory 205 – Sunset for Hours onInto the Blue
  • Lighting Theory 206 – Just Two Lights onWe Are Marshall


Pre-Production Scouting

  • Location Scouting 201


Advanced Lighting Techniques

  • Lighting Techniques 201 – The Power of the Book Light
  • Lighting Techniques 202 – How to Light Day Exteriors
  • Lighting Techniques 203 – Execution and Etiquette of How to Light for Three Cameras – The Theory and Thought Process Behind It
  • Lighting Techniques 204 – Bounce Light: Understanding How to Match Practical Light with Colored Bounce Sources
  • Lighting Techniques 205 – Bounce Light: Intensifying Your Bounce Source to Create a Hyper White Color Tone
  • Lighting Techniques 206 – Bounce Light: How to Use Reflective Light Sources to Enhance a Mood
  • Lighting Techniques 207 – Advanced C-Stands: The Most Powerful Tool in Your Lighting Arsenal


Softening the Image

  • Diffusion 201 – Glass Filtration (Total run time 4:31)
  • Diffusion 202 – Smoke


Podcasts on Lighting

  • Podcast 201: Mastering Lighting Challenges – Wide Exteriors, Night Scenes, Daytime Exteriors
  • Podcast 202: Lighting in Layers, Bounce Light, Building Your Lighting Kit, Selecting a Light Meter
  • Podcast 203: Taking Your Lighting Techniques to the Next Level – Light Quality and Essential Tools, Lighting Large Spaces, Powering your lights and DIY Lighting
  • Podcast 204: Finding Your Visual Rhythm
  • Podcast 205: Creating Depth, Mood and Emotion with Lighting

Included with all memberships.

18 articles, 6 podcasts, and 2.5 hours of video content.

  • Camera – Tricks to Modify Your GoPro: Get Results Like Need for Speed
  • Camera – Exposing Your Canon Cinema Eos Camera Platform
  • Camera – RED Dragon LUTS – Neutral and Skin Tone Bundle
  • Camera – Setting Your Red Dragon Sensor Up for Success with The Correct IR Neutral Density
  • Lighting Techniques – Shaping Light Is Everything for Cinematographers
  • Lighting Techniques – Where to Place Your Key Light: The Art of Cinematography
  • Lighting Techniques – When to Use a Fill Light
  • Lighting Techniques – Tips to make you more confident on lighting your creations
  • Lighting Techniques – Location Scouting for Filmmakers
  • Lighting Techniques – Finding Locations for Day Exteriors and Interiors That Light Themselves
  • Lighting Techniques – Power of Bounce Light Part 1: “White” Light, Bead Board & DIY
  • Lighting Techniques – Power of Bounce Light Part 2: How Light Quality Changes Your Mood and Tone
  • Lighting Techniques – Power of Bounce Light: Color of Bounce Light “Gold”
  • Film Theory – Set Up Your Story in the First 3 Minutes: Expansive Intimacy
  • Film Theory – Start Your Engines: Creating an in the Moment Docu-Style Approach with Cheerios Protein
  • Podcast – Cinematography: Finding Your Visual Rhythm
  • Podcast – Collaborating with Directors: Pre-Production, Location Scouting, Script Breakdown
  • Podcast – Cinematography: A Little of Everything from Career Advice to LED Lighting
  • Podcast – Creating Depth, Mood and Emotion with Lighting
  • Podcast – Camera Technology: Formats, Exposure and Focus
  • Podcast: Round #2 The Filmmaker’s Journey Continues
  • On Set with Shane: Creating Warm and Cool Energy: How I Use Color Temperature to Light for Emotion
  • On Set with Shane: How I Used Available Daylight to My Advantage When Shooting Multiple Scenes at One Location with a Three Mōvi Camera Set-Up
  • On Set with Shane: Lighting for 2k Vs 4k
  • On Set with Shane: Into the Badlands – Day Interior Set Lighting for Three Cameras
Shane Hurlbut, ASC

Shane Hurlbut, ASC, is the world renowned cinematographer behind such films as Terminator Salvation, Drumline, and The Greatest Game Ever Played. He has lensed over 20 Hollywood feature films and most recently AMC’s newest hit show Into the Badlands. Shane resides in Los Angeles with his wife Lydia, they are the co-founders of the Hurlblog and Shane’s Inner Circle.

Take Your Career to the Next Level