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Shane’s Inner Circle is unlike any film education out there. Pulling from 25 years of experience working on Hollywood’s biggest productions, Shane Hurlbut, A.S.C. reveals industry secrets, opens his cinematography playbook, and exponentially accelerates your craft and career.

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Meet Shane Hurlbut

Shane Hurlbut, A.S.C. is a world-renowned cinematographer who has lensed multi-million dollar productions such as Terminator Salvation, Need for Speed, and Act of Valor. When Shane began sharing his expertise with a rapidly growing readership in 2009 the Hurlblog was born, establishing Shane as not only a sought-after DP but also a respected teacher. The inner circle is an opportunity for you to connect with Shane as your virtual mentor.


Behind-the-Scenes Access

When Shane is onset, you’re onset. Get exclusive updates and breakdowns from Shane’s latest projects.


Monthly Podcast

Shane answers members’ questions, addresses common problems, and shares his insight on industry issues.

Shane’s Playbook Revealed

Get inside Shane’s lighting playbook to see how he creates and sustains compelling stories.

Advanced Film Theory

Exclusive articles, videos and commentary explain advanced filmmaking concepts that even a novice can immediately apply.


Gear Tests

Watch Shane and his expert team of camera operators push new gear to its limits.

Camera Profiles & LUTs

Learn how to turn your DSLR into a movie-making machine.

Exclusive On-Set Access

Go onset with Shane as a virtual member of his team. See what he sees. See how he collaborates with directors about setting and script. Get an unprecedented look into an ASC cinematographer’s choices, camera placement, and lighting schematics.



Film Theory

Learn comprehensive, cinematic solutions that you can immediately implement on set. Get an insider’s look into Shane’s thought process and bold choices that he regularly makes to capture a director’s cinematic vision.



Shane’s Monthly Podcast

Inner circle members receive exclusive access to Shane’s monthly podcast where he answers members’ questions, addresses common problems, and shares his insight on industry issues.



Lighting Techniques

Go inside Shane’s lighting playbook to understand how he uses lighting essentials to create and sustain a compelling story. The art of creative lighting is essential to compelling cinematography and is equally essential to Shane’s Inner Circle.



In-Depth Product Tests

Watch as Shane and his expert team of camera operators push new products to their limits. Get to know the subtleties of choosing the right lenses, camera and motion options, and the ideal lighting configuration necessary to optimize the visual flow of your story.



Camera Profiles and LUTs

Turn your DSLR into a movie-making machine. Learn the picture styles that lenses Act of Valor, The Last 3 Minutes, The Ticket and more than 150 commercials. Increase your efficiency with your C500, C300, C100, C100 MK II, and 1DC.




Current Inner Circle members share personal stories about how this learning community has expanded their artistic growth. Our membership includes filmmakers ranging from seasoned professionals looking to learn new techniques, to young filmmakers desiring to build a solid foundation in the industry and everyone in between. Lydia and Shane’s original vision for the Inner Circle was about sharing the film knowledge that used to be kept secret to expand the dialogue and professional success of filmmakers around the world.



Exclusive Access to the Inner Circle Facebook Community

Gain access to a private Facebook group that offers feedback, support and encouragement from Shane and other film professionals.



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