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When you join Shane’s Inner Circle, you’ll receive access to one of Hollywood’s most revered cinematographers, with more than 25 years of experience lensing some of Hollywood’s biggest films. Now Shane is pulling back the curtain for the next generation of game-changing filmmakers. Are you one of them?

About Shane Hurlbut, ASC

Shane Hurlbut, ASC, is a world-renowned cinematographer who has lensed multimillion dollar productions such as Terminator Salvation, Need for Speed, and Act of Valor. In 2009, Shane began sharing his expertise with a rapidly growing readership through the Hurlblog, which established him as not only a sought-after DP, but also a respected teacher. Inner Circle membership gives you the opportunity to connect with Shane as your virtual mentor.

Membership Includes

Access to Major Hollywood Sets

When Shane is on set, you’re on set. Get exclusive updates and breakdowns from Shane’s latest projects.

Exclusive Monthly Podcasts

You’ll receive a major Hollywood DP’s insights into common filmmaking issues, industry news, and answers to Inner Circle members’ questions.

Lighting Secrets

Get inside Shane’s head and see how he creates and sustains compelling stories through innovative lighting and camera techniques.

Advanced Theory

Learn the why behind the how. Exclusive articles, videos, and commentary explain advanced filmmaking concepts that even a novice can immediately apply.

Gear Tests

Shane and his team expect a lot from their gear. Watch as they push new gear to its limits and show you how to do the same.

Camera Profiles & LUTs

Learn how to turn your digital sensor into a movie-making machine.

What People Are Saying


Scotty Waugh

Director of Act of Valor and Need for Speed:

“Shane is one of the most passionate cinematographers I have ever met and is a true master of light. Collaborating with him is something I enjoy and look forward to on all of my projects.”

Gabrielle Muccino

Gabrielle Muccino

Director of Pursuit of Happyness, Seven Pounds, and the soon to be released Fathers and Daughters:

“Shane Hurlbut is not just a brilliant cinematographer, he is a gifted teacher. I have learned tons from him over the years.”