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Tiffen Black Diffusion Series


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Product Description

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Contains 2 hours of extensive video content and analysis. 109

Black Soft Effects on a 50mm – RT: 10:23

Black Soft Effects on an 85mm – RT: 12:32

Black Satin on a 50mm – RT: 10:19

Black Satin on an 85mm – RT: 12:49

Black Glimmer on a 50mm – RT: 9:47

Black Glimmer on an 85mm – RT: 11:18

Black Pearlescent on a 50mm – RT: 13:41

Black Pearlescent on an 85mm – RT: 14:28

Digital Diffusion on a 50mm – RT: 9:36

Digital Diffusion on an 85mm – RT: 9:03

You will learn:

  • Understanding the difference between white and black filter diffusion.
  • How black filter diffusion affects the highlights.
  • How black filter diffusion affects the shadows.
  • Understanding how to control your subjects skin with black filter diffusion.
  • Creating a dynamic image utilizing a specific look with black filter diffusion.
  • Being aware of the pros each diffusion filter has.
  • Being aware of the cons each diffusion filter has.
  • The various types of black filter diffusion and how they’ll affect the image.
  • Understanding the best scenarios to utilize each filtration.
  • Seeing the difference between each interval of filtration.
  • Understanding how focal length and filtration can work together.
  • Tiffen Diffusion filters tested on a 50mm and 85mm lens: Digital Diffusion, Black Glimmer Glass, Black Pearlescent,  Black Satin, Black Soft Effects

Filtration in front of the lens has become a staple for cinematographers over the years. Many cinematographers craft their patented “look” based on how they alter the glass. In this bundle, Shane Hurlbut, ASC discusses his love for Tiffen’s Black Diffusion Series and his favorite filters to carry out to set. You’ll learn of Tiffen’s many options to help you determine the best filter for future scenarios, and leave with the knowledge of how to dial in your full vision.

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