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Lighting for Three Cameras: Why and How


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Contains over 16 minutes of video content

• Lighting schematic for the Typical 2 Camera Set Up
• Instructional video: Location Scout/Tech Scout
• Instructional video: 3 Camera Execution
• Lighting schematic for 3 Camera Set Up
• 3D renderings of the scene

Here I share some inside secrets of how I light for three cameras. This is a very difficult thing to do and requires more lighting time but the benefits are huge. It is your job as a cinematographer to ebb and flow with the actors, how they work, the quirks, etc. Your mission is to set up a lighting and shooting environment that will get the best performance out of your actors and give the director creative freedom in the edit room and get that performance that moves you, transports you, makes you laugh and or cry.

The location scout/tech scout video includes what I look for, how I can use the location and careful blocking to assist in delivering the three camera approach and why we are doing this. The second video goes into the execution of this approach and how I do it.

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