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The Filmmaker’s Guide to DIY Lighting


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Contains over 59 minutes of extensive video and analysis.

In this bundle you will learn:

  • The do’s and don’ts when applying DIY tools on your set.
  • When you should save money and go DIY and when you should spend money and go manufactured.
  • Understanding the principles of DIY lights and how rigging can help you.
  • Tips and etiquette when putting the DIY tools to the test.
  • The tools you’ll need to create your fixtures.
  • How to create specific lights for specific lighting scenarios.
  • How to recreate fire light cost effectively.
  • How to recreate car headlights with just two lights and simple rigging.
  • How to emulate different TVs with lights and simple rigging.
  • Understanding how to utilize household lights and products to your advantage.
  • How to modify your GoPro to get the shots you want.
  • Utilizing practical sources in a professional application.
  • The effects of diffusion lens with simple fabrics.
  • Understanding how to control and manipulate light with household solutions.
  • Creating a DIY book light to get you the perfect light.
  • Which side to backlight from.
  • Differences between soft and hard light.
  • DIY lighting solutions vs Hollywood lighting.
  • The process of creating your visual landscape.
  • Feature film examples showcasing different solutions and techniques.

Starting out in the industry, most budding filmmakers don’t get the luxury of having professional lighting equipment, camera equipment, and support. It used to be that you couldn’t even get your hands on a proper film camera unless you knew someone or went to a film school! With the revolution in DSLR and more cost-affordable options in cinema cameras, the gate has been opened for more voices to be heard and thus the explosion of DIY style of filmmaking.

Over the years, Shane Hurlbut, ASC has become a leading voice in how he utilizes DIY solutions. As a Hollywood cinematographer, he continues to apply cost-effective instruments to better tell his stories. In this bundle, he goes through the various lights and tools he has created over the years. Not only will they save you money, they will enable you to create distinct and noticeably more cinematic images for your audience to enjoy. This covers everything from straight DIY hardware store builds to custom rigging for specific occasions in the script. This bundle will be your guide that you can refer to for DIY filmmaking solutions to elevate your craft!

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