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SIC Podcast: Ep. 41 – Following Your Intuition


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In this podcast, you will learn:

  • The difference between gimbal and steadicam use:
    • When a gimbal and/or steadicam is appropriate for the shot.
    • What each tool excels at.
    • What each tool falls short at.
    • How to utilize these tools to save time on set.
    • What applications Shane Hurlbut, ASC uses his tools most for.
  • Understanding on set continuity between shots and what you need to consider:
    • How to go from one shot to the next without sacrificing your shot due to continuity.
    • Understanding how to stay organized when bouncing around scenes and shots.
    • How to consider you next shot when built into a series of shots in the scene.
  • Knowing the proper avenues when taking the next step in your career:
    • How to get work when you’re first starting out in the industry.
    • How to develop connections through the people you know and the work you’ve done.
    • Understanding the industry that you are getting into and what to expect.
    • How to build your reel to enter the industry of your choice.
    • How to get your reel in front of people that matter and can elevate you.
    • The steps to establishing yourself and your brand in a bigger market.
  • Understanding your reel and what people are interested in seeing:
    • What should be in your reel.
    • What should absolutely not be in your reel.
    • Where to showcase your work for people to see.
  • How to remain true to yourself and your intuition:
    • Understanding that you’ll grow as an artist and will be interested in different positions.
    • How to fit into multiple positions without spreading yourself thin.
    • Learning to expand your capacity into other departments to get the most out of yourself.
  • Having a loved one transition into your world of filmmaking:
    • Understanding how to set them up for success.
    • Laying out expectations for what is to come.
    • Creating an environment to grow and continue interest in the industry.

It’s been a crazy 2017 for the film industry with its up and downs. We are excited to see what the new year has in-store! In our final podcast of 2017, Shane Hurlbut, ASC and CEO Lydia Hurlbut sit down to discuss the next steps in your career, tackling the unknown, how to obtain your goals when you feel like you’ve hit the glass ceiling in your current position, as well as how to grow as a filmmaker and accept the fire that burns in you as an artist. As you enter into a new year, you’ll be set up with the knowledge to elevate your career and capture those goals necessary to get you to the next level.

Inner Circle Release: 12/29/17

Shane’s Inner Circle members through 02/28/18  received this content as part of their membership.

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