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SIC Podcast: Ep. 40 – Trusting Your Instinct


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In this podcast, you will learn:

  • Understanding the business approach behind a reel and how to market yourself:
    • Doing the research before reaching out to a production company or producer. Feeding the information that is necessary to land the job.
    • Understanding what kind of reel you’ll need for each place. Each production company/project is different.
    • Understanding the market you are in and what they cater to most.
    • Learning the steps to getting on a roster and not looking hostile to those already involved. Creating relationships to help those in the industry and growing as a filmmaker yourself.
    • Learning what Shane Hurlbut, ASC did as a young filmmaker vs. what he would do today.
  • Learning how to light by eye and not only by IRE values:
    • Trusting your eye as a cinematographer before applying the science to the scene.
    • Learning how to light based off of ratios.
    • Understanding how IRE values affect your lighting decisions.
    • What is going to affect your camera image the most when lighting and delivering a usable image in post.
  • Must have LED lights for just about any application on set:
    • What LED lights are the best for everyone at any level in their career.
    • What LED light is the Swiss army tool of the industry. Which light will best serve you in multiple scenarios.
    • The functionality of these lights and what you get at each price range.
  • Balancing your career and your family:
    • Understanding when you need to re-evaluate your career and focus on your family.
    • Methods to keeping you and your family stress-free from long work days and traveling.
    • Steps to being there for your family no matter what project you are on.
    • How to be flexible and convey your passion for your work to your kids.
    • Understanding your family’s needs and how to create a plan for all of you.

The film industry is one of the more challenging and fulfilling career choices out there. It’s rewarding, exciting, and always ushers in new experiences.

In this podcast, Shane Hurlbut, ASC and Lydia Hurlbut discuss many aspects of life as a filmmaker, from Shane’s start as a young filmmaker, how to approach production companies, different lighting techniques, and staying in sync with your family with your schedule.

You’ll learn what has worked best for them, plus some pure gems of wisdom that you’ll apply again and again on set with the knowledge shared in this podcast!

Inner Circle Release: 12/1/17

Shane’s Inner Circle members through 2/1/18 received this content as part of their membership.

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