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SIC Podcast: Ep. 37 – Understanding Your Cinematic Goals

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In this podcast, you will learn:

  • What is more important – Lighting or Camera?
    • What makes each important and how you need to be prepared in both departments.
    • The tools you’ll need to execute both when out in the field.
    • What it means to be a Director of Photography making these decisions.
  • Different ways to stay healthy and on top of your game in the industry.
    • Exercises that don’t take up a lot of time and help for camera operating work.
    • Ways to stay healthy with the way you eat and treatments to keep you aware of your body.
    • Being aware of your schedule and how to allow yourself the time to be healthier.
    • How to psychologically keep yourself proactive during the ups and downs.
    • The philosophy behind how hard you can push yourself and when to give yourself a break.
  • What are the difference between lenses – vintage, modern, price range?
    • Understanding what the difference between a modern lens is vs. vintage glass.
    • How the lens will perform out on the field.
    • What different types of lens will be be good for.
    • How lenses can be priced so differently.
  • How an 18K compares to other lights out there.
    • How different fixtures will react in different ways.
    • Knowing when to compromise and when not to compromise
    • How other lights can’t give you the exact look of an 18K.
    • Methods of use when utilizing bigger fixtures and seeing their characteristics.  
  • Knowing what you need to make your reel stand out from the rest.
    • Understanding what types of reels there are out there.
    • What reel you should be using for your own work.
    • How to make them stand out from the noise.
    • Understanding your style and how to portray that in your reel.

Understanding your goals in filmmaking is hard when the industry is changing over night. What you like and your style are a big part of who you are as an artist. What makes you click is the soul of your work and understanding how to tap into that is key.

In this  podcast, Shane Hurlbut, ASC discusses choices as a cinematographer, your reel and how YOU as a filmmaker need to stick to your voice. By the end you will have a better understanding on how to standout and when not to compromise in your career and out in the field.

1 review for SIC Podcast: Ep. 37 – Understanding Your Cinematic Goals

  1. 5 out of 5


    This was a wonderful podcast. Thanks for all the knowledge.

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