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Rosco Diffusion Series Bundle


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Product Description

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Contains over 75 minutes of extensive video and analysis.

In this bundle you will learn:

  • The ins and outs of Rosco frosts: Hanover, Brushed Silk, Light Opal, Tough Frost, Half Soft Frost, Highlight, and Soft Frost
  • How Rosco diffusion changes and modifies the quality of light
  • How many stops you lose
  • How color temperature shifts
  • How to master frost diffusions to enhance your story
  • Test results: 1/ 4 Grid Cloth, 1/2 Silent Grid Cloth, Full Grid Cloth diffusions.
  • What the characteristics of the grid clothes are.
  • Understanding when and why to apply which grid diffusion.
  • How grid diffusions affect light levels and color temperature.
  • How grid diffusion affects your light source.
  • How to create an even source using certain grid diffusions.
  • How each grid diffusion affects your shadows and the skin of your subject.
  • How each grid diffusion stacks up against each other.
  • How to utilize false colors to see the differences in the grid diffusion.
  • How to maintain your lighting ratio when using thicker grid diffusion.
  • How to create an even source using certain grid diffusions.  

22 Diffusions Tested by Shane Hurlbut, ASC

What separates a Master Cinematographer from a good one?  I ask you this question because are we not all on that road to become the best that we can be?  Shane’s Inner Circle is an extension of Lydia’s and my vision, passion, drive, and aspirations.  Signing up you already have seen the passion and dedication, now it is your turn to live, breathe, and love the art of visual storytelling.  

This six part Rosco Diffusion series will take you through the process of discovering light quality and what you take from these lessons will guide you on the path to becoming a master cinematographer.  Light quality is what it is all about.  

Your journey starts with the most thinnest diffusions in Roscos arsenal and moves up to its thickest.  This is a complete lesson in not only understanding light quality, but also light levels and color temperature shifts when using each diffusion.  This is a test that I would have died to have access to when I was starting out, but with the Inner Circle it is delivered for all of you to ingest and find your own path and style.

All videos were edited on HP Z840 workstations using HP Z24x DreamColor monitors.

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