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Power & Distro Bundle


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Product Description

Can’t plug everything you want into house power? Need to run bigger lights? This bundle is designed to get you up to speed on everything you need to know to power your set and lights safely and efficiently no matter what size production you are on.

Shane Hurlbut, ASC, along with his Gaffer Eric Forand, takes you through the ins and outs of on set power distribution and all of the big and small tools that they’ll use in production. They discuss 4/0 cable, banded and feeder cable, three-fers, bates connectors, gang boxes and lunch boxes. Don’t know what any of that is? Good, because this article is for you. Learn the ins and outs of the different types of cable and their uses, distro boxes, cable connections, splitters and generators. Shane and Eric are a powerful duo with years of experience. Become a better set electrician and a well-rounded filmmaker with this bundle.

Once you’ve got your power and distro down, see it in action as we set up a master wide shot, get our lights dialed in, cameras up, and start checking the frame for blocking. You’ll learn how to communicate your vision to your team and elevate the quality of your images.

What’s included? 2 Hours of in-depth video content.
  • G&E Check in Distro Equipment – RT: 4:59

    • Your distro package is one of the most essential pieces to the G&E team. This is going to be the cable system that distributes electricity to the lights that you’re using on the day. If you don’t have and/or are missing pivotal pieces to execute your lighting plan. This can make what was once an “easy” lighting setup a logistical nightmare. Learn how to prep everything for your shoot so you have what you need to properly distribute power.

  • Working with Portable Generators – RT: 25:51

    • Portable generators are a very important part of the movie-making experience. This section shows a 6500, a 3000, and a 2000. Theses are the workhorse portable generators of the film industry. This section will take you through the technical side of portable generators.

  • Power Distribution: Working with Set Power – RT: 14:25

    • The Power Distribution section will take you through the on-set distribution mechanics, safety process, technology, and how it goes together.

  • Labeling Cable – RT: 7:50

    • Understanding how to properly lay cable takes experience understanding how to stay organized. One of the worst things to manage on-set is an unorganized cable run. One of the first steps to staying on top of cable distro is making sure that everything is properly labeled.

  • First Cable Run – RT: 10:45

    • Organizing your first cable run is crucial the start your system of electricity. Working with the Gaffer and BBE, you’ll need to decide your point to deploy and your end point to drop a box.

  • Running Power In Reverse – RT: 7:42

    • Sometimes you need to run power in reverse due to the location. If you have to do that, you’ll need to make sure that you’re organized and understand what the game plan is.

  • Tying In & Metering Power – RT: 8:07

    • Once you’ve laid all of the cable and have everything in the place that you want. This is where you get setup to tie into the power supply.

  • Gack Pack – RT: 6:01

    • A “Gack-Pack” is about maintaining the integrity of the property and ensuring that it’s safe for all involved on the production. Learn why gack packs are essential on-set and how to set these up.

  • Powering Up the Set – RT: 15:54

    • As the DP on a production, you’re job is to dial in the desired vision. You need to make sure the right instruments are in use, that you’ve got the proper ratios, and that you’re giving the director everything he needs to bring the project to life.

  • Setting Up the Master Wide shot – RT: 15:07
    • Once you’ve got your lights dialed in and your cameras are up, it’s time to start checking the frame and getting ready for the first shot. You’ll learn how to craft the master wide shot, and how to communicate your vision to your team so that no detail is missed.

Some of the many things you’ll learn:

  • How to run set distribution
  • What the different components of an on-set power distribution system are
  • How to properly set up your distribution plant
  • What the different types of cable are
  • How to work safely on set with power
  • How to balance your generator load
  • What 208, 220 and 240V mean
  • How to distinguish between neutral, ground, and hot camlock lines
  • How electricians use the knot system to label cable
  • The difference between single phase and three phase power systems
  • How to work with small, on set generators
  • The different uses for each size generator
  • The capacity of each generator
  • Which lights you can power with each generator
  • How a generator can be overloaded.
  • How different conditions affect generator efficiency and performance
  • The best settings for running your generator
  • How to meter the generator output
  • How to take advantage of power on set
  • The proper method of transporting a generator
  • How Shane and his crew utilized portable generators on Terminator Salvation, Fathers & Daughters and Need for Speed



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