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On Set: Fathers & Daughters – When to Sacrifice Lighting for Blocking


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Copyright Info- Movie: Fathers and Daughters, Studio: Voltage Pictures, Director: Gabriele Muccino, Date: 2015

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We discuss the following:

• You never, ever get something in new, a new firmware or an update, and send away the old product that already worked.
• Shooting a flashback entity where the person in 2014 collides with the person in 1989
• Lighting schematic for Katie’s school
• Sacrificing the light to make everything work
• Lighting a loft party scene
• Shooting schedule for Day 9

We have a scenario where we needed to pick up the Cameron (played by Aaron Paul) and Katie (played by Amanda Seyfried) jogging scene, which was their little introductory first date. We were adding that onto an already intense day, but we made it work. The day began with our original scene where Katie walks by her old school and spots a man who looks like her dad, who is played by Russell Crowe.


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