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On Set: Fathers & Daughters – Blocking and Lighting for Small Interiors

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Copyright Info- Movie: Fathers and Daughters, Studio: Voltage Pictures, Director: Gabriele Muccino, Date: 2015

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We discuss the following:

• Shooting with multiple cameras to get that “lightning in a bottle” performance
• Asking yourself “What would be the best case scenario for our director?”
• Lighting schematic for Katie’s living room
• Lite Gear LED strip lights
• Using a Todd Hido-esque style
• Lighting schematic for Katie’s bedroom – day
• Lighting schematic for Katie’s bedroom – night
• Shooting schedule for Day 10

This was the kind of day that you look at and say, “Oh, my God, how are you going to make this as a cinematographer?” We had to complete nine different scenes, which required nine different lighting setups. All of this needed to be done within a 10 to 12 hour day and we started on a split because we had to have night for night.

1 review for On Set: Fathers & Daughters – Blocking and Lighting for Small Interiors

  1. 5 out of 5


    That shoot schedule on Day 10! Wow… It’s as if Hurlbut Visuals had a time machine on set and was Dr. Who! (or should we say DP Who?) Having the director and producers’ backs is what I believe really helps separate Shane from the rest and I plan to follow his impeccable example. Bravo!

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