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On Set: Commercial Cinematography Series: Trane Part 2 – Shot Breakdown


Product Description

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Contains over 8 minutes of extensive video content and analysis.

You will learn:

  • How to choose the right camera for the job
  • Setting up shots intensifying speed
  • Covering your bases for possible shot scenarios
  • Where to rig your crash cams
  • About the magic of CGI and reality of stunts

The Trane Commercials are considered to be some of the more electrifying spots created in the last decade. With digital capturing technology advancing and becoming smaller in size, it was easy to see that the Canon 5D MKII & MKIII were the right cameras to capture the high-octane stunts performed for the final product.

In the second part of On Set of shooting the Trane commercial, Shane Hurlbut ASC and his team take you through the process of setting up the right shots for your story and Shane takes you through his thought process behind picking the right camera for the job. You will learn how important it is to improvise and not be afraid to take some risks!

Released: 11/10/17

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