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SIC Podcast: Ep 34 – Light Quality & Spectrum


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In this podcast, you will learn:

  • How to know when to pick the right lights for the job.
    • Understanding foot-candles and how they relate to ordering the right lights for your project.
    • The importance of the light meter in the 21st century and how this tool will unlock the knowledge that every DP needs on set.
    • What the major differences are between tungsten lights, HMIs, and LEDs and which sources work best for which situations, and which sources are just not worth it.
  • How to know which lights to get when building out your kit.
    • The best light kits for both narrative and/or documentary settings.
    • Different light kits that are out there and how they work best.
    • How to mix and match kits, plus sometimes going DIY to get exactly what you need for your kit.
  • How to apply various lighting techniques for that perfect scene.
    • Creating Moonlight Grey with a tungsten light.
    • What lights you should use.
    • Where to set your kelvin in camera to get that “grey” look.
    • Tips for capturing a TV Gag look utilizing Kino Flo and Dedo lights.
    • Understanding how to subtly light a female face and what lights to use.
    • How to create dark, moody lighting while shooting in tight spaces.
  • How Virtual Reality is affecting the film industry and what its potential is for the future.
    • How the roles of director and director of photography could evolve.
    • The best uses for VR.

Being a director of photography isn’t just about the compositions you create, the cameras that you use, and the shots you decide upon – it’s about understanding the light, or “paint,” that you choose to create the image. If we didn’t have light, we wouldn’t have an image. If we didn’t have an image, well guess what? None of us would have a job in the movie business. Shane Hurlbut, ASC discusses the different lights available to use, various techniques, their importance, and where the industry is heading as it evolves in new ways so that you can use this knowledge to your advantage on all of your projects.


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