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SIC Podcast: Ep 30 – Lighting Your Path to Success


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In this podcast, Shane Hurlbut, ASC covers:

  • How to light to set a mood and create a cinematic-looking image
  • Which lights to choose as a starting point
  • How to light a melancholic hospital scene with a blueish mood and contrast
    • Using a RED Epic with Zeiss CP2 Lenses
  • How to get an amber hue from your HMI lights
    • Sonny cleaning his sword on Into the Badlands
  • What to consider when buying and renting lights and gear
    • Hard lights and Soft lights
  • How to light for low-budget independent feature films
  • What are Shane’s thoughts on Xenon light compared to the Arri M 18
  • How to film a professional looking horror film with limited budget and supplies
  • What is Shane’s go-to lighting package to create a night time horror vibe

A camera is only one component of becoming a well-rounded filmmaker. Understanding lighting, both professionally and cinematically, is essential in taking your image and career to the next level. Shane Hurlbut, ASC got his start in the industry as a gaffer, and digs through his vast reservoir of lighting experience to answer questions from filmmakers like you and expounds from his personal experiences while also providing tips and tricks along the way!

Shane discusses lighting to set the mood while creating a cinematic-looking image, what lights to choose as a starting point, what to consider when buying and renting lights and gear, and how to light for low-budget and independent films with limited supplies. Shane even gets specific when your questions do! He talks how to light a melancholic hospital scene, getting that amber hue as seen in Into the Badlands, how to film a professional-looking Horror film on a small budget, and shares his thoughts on Xenon lights while referencing Blade Runner.

All videos were edited on HP Z840 workstations using HP Z24x DreamColor monitors.


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