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Infusing First Person POV Into Mountain Dew GAME FUEL MW3


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  • How to utilize a Canon EOS 5D win Doggicam Helmet setup.
  • Using your instinct and working without a prelight.
  • Understanding how to use VFX in your work as a cinematographer.
  • Utilizing 14K Balloon lights to work with your night exterior shots.
  • Understanding how to capture that perfect POV and what’s the magic millimeter.
  • Knowing what lights and rigging will help you execute the job flawlessly.
  • Being a leader and knowing when to take one for the team.
  • Understanding your source material and how to make it’s aesthetic your own.

Not everything needs to be cinematic – right? Sometimes you might want that video game like quality of Call of Duty? Shane Hurlbut, ASC and veteran director, McG, embark on a journey to capture a first-person perspective commercial for “Mountain Dew Game Fuel MW3”. Shane et crew pull out the doggicam rig, strap in Canon EOS 5D and hit the set. Did I forget to tell you that the whole 8 hours it was Shane in the Doggicam? Learn what it’s like to manage a high octane production and think through the perspective of the audience.


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