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Illumination Cinematography Workshop HD Download

5 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings
(4 customer reviews)


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Product Description

The Illumination Cinematography Workshop teaches you the essential elements of cinematography and cinematic lighting. Gain the tools and techniques behind creating compelling scenes and stories. Order today and build your confidence as a visual artist!

This Bundle Includes: Over 7 Hours of Video content

  • Understanding Key Light
    • Placement of Light
    • Quality of Light
    • Soft & Hard Light
    • Modifying Your Key Light with Diffusion
    • How Light placement can change the emotion of a character
  • Back Light
    • Which side to Back Light from
    • Soft and Hard back Light
    • DIY Lighting Solutions vs Hollywood Lighting
    • Process of creating your Visual Landscape
  • Fill Light
    • Which side to Fill Light from
    • When to use Fill Light and when not to
    • Process of creating your Visual Landscape
  • Night Exterior Street Lighting
    • Lighting Night Car Interiors
    • Lighting to create depth in your background
    • Power of taking light away then adding it
    • Cost-effective ways to expand your scope
  • Pre-Production
    • Discovery through Director discussion
    • Creation in designing your Visual Landscape
    • Execution in breaking down a scene
    • Light, Lense & Composition
  • Execution
    • Height & Position of the Camera
    • Focal Length of the Lens
    • Shaping and Controlling Hard Light
    • Modifying Light with diffusion
    • Lighting for DSLRs

All videos were edited on HP Z840 workstations using HP Z24x DreamColor monitors.

This content included in:

Experience Lighting Masterclass & Illumination Cinematography Workshop Bundle

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4 reviews for Illumination Cinematography Workshop HD Download

  1. 5 out of 5


    I’m watching the Illumination Workshop recording right now, and it is absolutely awesome. This isn’t just changing the way I will approach shooting, this is also changing the way I write for the screen. Shane, I am so glad you took these last few months to do this tour; you are seriously improving the industry in the best way possible. A million thanks for sharing your experience, sir!

  2. 5 out of 5


    The key to your growth as an artist begins here.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Expending time with Shane and his crew is just like expending time with the Lakers in a basketball court and Kobe Bryant is showing you how to shoot hoops and getting your game to another level.

  4. 5 out of 5


    I preordered the Workshop not knowing what it would be (as it hadn’t been filmed at that stage) but knowing based on Shane Hurlbut’s Inner Circle and blog that it was definitely a risk worth taking. I have issues with MZED’s service but that’s a different thread. Once I was maybe half way through the workshop I instantly purchased the Masterclass – so good was the content. It truly is unmatched – you get a world class DP teach you how (Workshop) and more importantly why (Masterclass) to use the tools at your disposal to tell your story. This happens in real time, but the editing means the set up / break down is spared, you just get the important info in a timely manner. From my perspective (that of a stills shooter) the lighting and motivation of the frame is where I get the value. With the students (in the Masterclass) they light the whole set from Key on up – the results are so exquisite to me, and hearing why and how they got there is just the best way for me to learn. You don’t get people trying one fill, not liking it and trying another in books, or on online courses. Again, from a stills perspective take any one key frame still from any one of Shane’s scenes and you have a better environmental portrait than practically 95% of the stills work out there. I’m still just staggered that I seem to be the only stills shooter who looks UP to cinematographers in this regard – they have such a higher mastery. With regards to criticism of the product. I think it comes with the territory and I don’t think Shane needs defending. He criticises his own creative work, he’s not shy on set with opinion, I think he’ll listen, agree or disagree and move on. For me the value is there – this is without a doubt the best money I’ve spent in my 13 year photographic journey. This is how I want to shoot.

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