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On Set With Shane: Fathers & Daughters Bundle

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Copyright Info- Movie: Fathers and Daughters, Studio: Voltage Pictures, Director: Gabriele Muccino, Date: 2015.

Inner Circle Members who joined between August, 2014 and December, 2015 have access to some or all of this content, which has been updated with video clips.

If you are an Inner Circle member please contact anne@hurlbutvisuals.com before purchasing for a special discount.

This set of in-depth articles, behind the scenes photos and lighting diagrams includes All Days (1 to 20) as I shoot Fathers and Daughters .

This Bundle contains 20 articles and 46 clips from the film.

  • How to recreate sunlight on exteriors and interiors
  • How to light to give actors freedom to enable best performance, lighting for 3 cameras
  • How to light effectively with practical light, all about placement
  • Building a DIY camera car with the MoVI
  • How to work with all departments to save money and put it on the screen
  • Understanding the thought process of single shot mechanics
  • Using light color temp to infuse emotional impact
  • Dealing with the challenges of cold weather
  • When to sacrifice the light to make your day and get the performances
  • How to hide lights so that they look like practical light, lighting for 3 cameras and how to hide them
  • How to light night exteriors under street lights
  • How to use lighting and camera movement for a powerful seamless one-shot
  • The location scout, building your motivation from what is around you
  • Camera placement and movement: shooting transitions and matching shots
  • Creating warm and cool energy: how to use color temperature to light for emotion
  • Using available daylight to your advantage when shooting multiple scenes at one location with a three MoVI camera set up
  • Lighting for 2K vs 4K
  • Overcoming lighting challenges for shooting a handheld “oner”
  • Staying consistent with lighting and camera when shooting complex scenes out of order
  • Un-makeable days and dueling dollies

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Go on set with me as a virtual member of my team. See what I see when walking onto a location for the first time, and how I interact with the director about the setting and the script. See the location pictures, what I’m looking for, the light quality in the room, and the things I’ll need to alter in transforming ordinary into extraordinary. Understand where I place my lights and why, and view the actual lighting schematics. I’ll describe curve balls that are thrown at me by the director, Mother Nature, and the ever-changing production schedule. I’ll show you how we worked around these obstacles and succeeded in the end.


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