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Deconstructing Feature Films Part Two: Establishing The World


Product Description

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Contains over 16 minutes of extensive video content and analysis.

You will learn:

  • Understanding the script and the world that your characters inhabit.
  • Creating a shot list that will express your characters in that setting.
  • Taking time to research and be patient with the results.
  • Creating the necessary perspective for the scene.
  • How perspective will manipulate your audience.
  • How to navigate your audience through a scene.
  • Crafting the proper pacing for the scene.
  • Utilizing the right shots to establish the right pacing from scene to scene.
  • Understanding the logistics of shooting action sequences.
  • Knowing your crews’ needs and the tools necessary to get the job done.
  • Taking the time to plan out all of the moving pieces before the day.
  • How to orchestrate massive set pieces and delegating the information needed to get the job done.

Establishing the world in which your characters inhabit isn’t an easy task. Whether your story takes place in a post-apocalyptic, futuristic, or fantasy environment, your job as a filmmaker is to transport the audience into that setting. It takes time and patience and Shane Hurlbut, ASC is here to discuss how he and the director established the world in the high-octane blockbuster Terminator Salvation.

Navigating complicated blocking, massive set pieces, and multiple cameras is a logistical challenge for every filmmaker. In this article and video, you’ll see through Shane’s eyes how he created the world for this feature film to plunge the audience deep into the director’s vision. This will lay out the necessary steps you’ll need to take in pre-production to make sure you get it right the first time.

Get: Deconstructing Feature Films Part One: Visual Effects & The Perfect “Oner”

Released: 1/5/18

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