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Camera Technical Series: Get the Best Out of Your Dragon Sensor


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Product Description

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This bundle contains over 3 hours of video content; written analysis; plus 14  custom LUTs to download and own.

In this packed series, you’ll get:

  • What to Have in your RED Toolkit
  • Extensive RED Dragon DSMC1 Camera Tests
    • Compression Test
    • Day ISO Noise Test
    • Night ISO Noise Test
    • IR Pollution Test
    • IR Pollution Test Low Light OLPF vs Standard OLPF vs Skin Tone OLPF
    • IR ND Filter vs Non-IR Filter Test
    • IR ND Filter vs Hot Mirror IR ND Filter Test
    • IR ND Filter vs True ND Filter Test
    • IRE Value/Skin Tone Test
    • IRE Value vs Canon C500 IRE Value/Skin Tone Test
    • Under-Exposure Latitude Test
    • Over-Exposure Latitude Test
    • Day Backlight
    • IRE Value/Skin Tone Test: Standard OLPF vs Skin Tone Highlight OLPF
    • IRE Value/Skin Tone Test: Standard OLPF vs Low Light OLPF
    • Each Test includes comparisons of the Standard OLPF, the Skin Tone Highlight OLPF and the Low Light OLPF.
  • Black Shading Protocol for DSMC1 Cameras
    • Understanding Fan Settings
    • Understanding Camera Temperatures in relationship to Frame Rate Recording Modes
    • Learn how to optimize your DSMC1 Dragon sensor to get the cleanest image possible
  • Advanced Heat Management for DSMC1 Cameras
    • Learn tips & tricks to getting the camera to work in extreme conditions
    • Learn the other half of optimizing your Dragon sensor to get the cleanest image possible
  • 14 RED Dragon Look Up Tables (LUTs)
    • A Look at RED Dragon LUTs
    • Neutral
    • Skin Tone
    • North Light Neutral
    • North Light Cool
    • North Light Crush
    • North Light Wash
    • Gold
    • Gold Crush
    • Cyan
    • Cyan Night Interior
    • Neutral Day Interior
    • Dawn Interior
    • Gold Interior

This Camera Technician series will help you get the best performance out of all of your RED Dragon DSMC1camera systems. My secret weapon, Chris Herr, is going to walk you through how he dialed in this camera system for AMC’s Into the Badlands and countless commercials. He walks you through how to maximize this system’s potential by showing you the tools, the black shade protocol, and the way to manage your heat to the sensor.

You’ll see the camera’s latitude, its ISO noise levels, and what ISOs work the best for when. We’ll go through the different types of OLPFs and how they can help tell your story. We dive into IR pollution on the camera’s sensor using Neutral Density filters to see how it affects your color space and then educate you on how to combat it.

I’m going to include all fourteen of the RED Dragon Look Up Tables that I use in my feature films and commercials. I will walk you through how each LUT helps you to tell your cinematic story. All of this is an effort to show you how to get the best out of your RED Dragon DSMC1 camera.

Total Value $250

Read more about “Camera Technical Series: Get the Best Out of Your RED Dragon Sensor” and watch a five-minute preview on the Hurlblog.

All videos were edited on HP Z840 workstations using HP Z24x DreamColor monitors.


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