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Arri Alexa LUTs: Day Interior & Exterior


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Alexa DI Iridas16 and DI are for the Arri Alexa for Day Interior exposures on Need for Speed. Each one has a unique look for Interior work. Alexa DX Iridas16, DX1, DX2 and DX3 are for the Arri Alexa for Day Exterior exposures on Need For Speed. Each one has a unique look for Sunlit and Overcast lighting situations. Includes all six 3D LUTs.

The custom LUTs my Elite team and I have designed for the SmallHD DP-7 and other on board and lighting monitors were created for Need for Speed. These LUTs are designed to optimize the monitor with the use of the ARRI Alexa. I continue to use these LUTs on every commercial and feature film that I shoot with my team. This is the only way to perform everything you need on these monitors. These settings turn a $2,500 monitor into a $10,000 monitor.


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