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Advanced Cinematography Kit

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This bundle includes 28 articles, 5 podcasts, and over 3 hours of video content.

Table of Contents:

Composition and Storytelling
Composition 201 – How Lenses Assist Storytelling I
Composition 202 – How Lenses Assist Storytelling II
Composition 203 – How Lenses Assist Storytelling III

Camera Movement
Camera Motion 201: How to Use a Crane to Educate Your Audience

Money Management
Money 201 – On Set with Shane Day 5: How to Work with All Departments to Save Money and Put It on the Screen
Money 202 – Sample Lighting and Grip Packages
Money 203 – Knowing What to Charge for Your Services

Lighting Theory
Lighting Theory 201 – Always on Stage in The Rat Pack
Lighting Theory 202 – Hallowed Halls in The Skulls
Lighting Theory 203 – The Natural Look of Crazy/Beautiful
Lighting Theory 204 – Extending Dawn in Drumline
Lighting Theory 205 – Sunset for Hours on Into the Blue
Lighting Theory 206 – Just Two Lights on We Are Marshall

Pre-Production Scouting
Location Scouting 201

Advanced Lighting Techniques
Lighting Techniques 201 – The Power of the Book Light
Lighting Techniques 202 – How to Light Day Exteriors
Lighting Techniques 203 – Execution and Etiquette of How to Light for Three Cameras – The Theory and Thought Process Behind It – (Total run time 19:22)
Lighting Techniques 204 – Bounce Light: Understanding How to Match Practical Light with Colored Bounce Sources – (Total run time 11:57)
Lighting Techniques 205 – Bounce Light: Intensifying Your Bounce Source to Create a Hyper White Color Tone -(Total run time 18:54)
Lighting Techniques 206 – Bounce Light: How to Use Reflective Light Sources to Enhance a Mood – (Total run time 19:17)
Lighting Techniques 207 – Advanced C-Stands: The Most Powerful Tool in Your Lighting Arsenal – (Total run time 14:44)

Softening the Image
Diffusion 201 – Glass Filtration (Total run time 4:31)
Diffusion 202 – Smoke

Podcasts on Lighting
Podcast 201: Mastering Lighting Challenges – Wide Exteriors, Night Scenes, Daytime Exteriors
Podcast 202: Lighting in Layers, Bounce Light, Building Your Lighting Kit, Selecting a Light Meter
Podcast 203: Taking Your Lighting Techniques to the Next Level – Light Quality and Essential Tools, Lighting Large Spaces, Powering your lights and DIY Lighting
Podcast 204: Finding Your Visual Rhythm
Podcast 205: Creating Depth, Mood and Emotion with Lighting

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Searching online for high quality education can be a daunting task. This advanced kit was created by Shane Hurlbut, ASC to guide filmmakers looking to expand their skillset and take their level of learning and understanding higher. Topics include: Composition, storytelling theory, lighting theory, location scouting, lighting for three cameras, lighting day exteriors, lighting night exteriors, unique bounce source techniques, diffusion filters, the use of smoke, camera movement, lighting in layers, color palate, finding your visual rhythm through mood, tone and emotion.

This curriculum is equivalent to taking a master level college course in cinematography. Shane digs deep into the theory and practical nature behind his choices and motivations. His proven methodology in camera and lighting emotion is delivered in an immersive, interactive and fun way.


All videos were edited on HP Z840 workstations using HP Z24x DreamColor monitors.

2 reviews for Advanced Cinematography Kit

  1. 5 out of 5


    You just give without boundaries, and you give with passion.
    Thank you for every word!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Thank you Shane for putting the Cinematography kits together and all the great advice! I just finished both the Cinematographer Starter Kit as well as the Advanced Cinematography Kits. I learned so much during this journey with you through the podcasts, videos, photos and writings.

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