• Advanced EVF knuckle and EVF leveler that connects to fluid head
• Keeps your eye to the EVF where ever you operate
• Revolutionary base plate design
• Easy to convert
• Quick release top iris rod system
• Back handle to mimic grabbing a 400’ Film magazine while operating
• Top Handle to transport easily with rosette wheel for any angle of orientation
• Optional Powered cage that has remote on/off with any camera
• Back platform attached to Powered Cage for Anton Bauer and MDR placement
• Optional 3-stage 4 x 5 Mattebox & 138 Rota Pola slot with new ARF (Anti-reflection Tray) design
• ARF (Anti-reflection Tray) prevents double reflection between filters as well as reflecting the sun off of filter into actors face when backlit
• Eyebrow to eliminate flares
The Components
2 – Top/Back Handle
2 – 9″ Top Black Rods
1 – Top Clamp to Rods Adapter
1 – Top QR Clamp
1 – Top Dovetail
1 – EVF Knuckle with QR (Zacuto, Cineroid or SmallHD DP4)
1 – Eyepiece Leveler set
1 – Camera Cage (choose one)
2 Pin Power Connector
Flexible IR rod
Battery dongle (AC coupler)
1 – Camera Interface Plate (standard)
1 – V-Lock Baseplate
2 – 18″ Stainless Steel Base Rods
1 – Rear Stabilizer
1 – Standard Weight
2 – Anton Bauer compatible plate


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