Hoodman RAW UDMA 6

The Hoodman RAW UDMA 6 Compact Fash features SSD flash inside. It is a state-of-the-art external storage device with a transfer rate of 100MB per second.


Sandisk Extreme Pro 100MB/s

Features up to a 100MB/s read speed and ensures that the write speed will never fall below 20MB/s for smooth, uninterrupted HD shooting.

Lexar_pro800x_sm (1)

Lexar Professional CompactFlash 800x

Provides high-speed performance (120MB/s) minimum guaranteed sustained read speed. For professional 1080p Full-HD and 3D video. Comes with downloadable image rescue software.

Lexar_pro1000x_sm (2)

Lexar 1000X CompactFlash

Provides ultimate high-speed performance (150MB/s). For professional Full-HD and 3Dvideo capture up to 20MB/s. Comes with downloadable image rescue software.

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