Arri Cage System I

C100/C300/C500 Cage System I fits to the sides of the MBP-3 and the Plate for Canon C100/300/C500 Uses a MBP-3 15mm lightweight plate. The cage offers a non-obstructive solution...


Arri Cage System II

1DC/1DX/RED Epic/Scarlet/Blackmagic Cinema Camera (all depending on support system accessory) The ARRI Cage System II uses a console arm and can be mounted in front of the Plates for...


Letus 5D/7D Cage

Weight: 1.4 lbs Height: 5 11/16 outside 4 ス’ inside Width: 6 3/4 outside 6 3/8 inside Depth: 3 1/4” Camera Screw Size: 1/420 screw Powered HDMI cable/clap mount...


Letus 5D Mark III Cage (Non-Powered)

CNC milled from high grade aluminum and hard anodized for durability. Features a myriad of 1/4″ and 3/8″ mounting points along the top, sides, and bottom. Extremely light weight.


RedRock DSLR ultraCage

Support plate delivers professional-level security and stability. Wrap-around cage is lightweight, offers multiple accessory mounting points. Maintains complete access to your DSLR’s battery door and buttons. Supports both top...


Redrock C500 ultraCage

ultraCage™ baseplate designed specifically for the Canon EOS C500 digital video camera. Form-fitting Canon EOS C500 cage including side arms and top plate. Top 1/4″ mounting screw for camera...


Redrock C300 ultraCage

Cage Allows Access to Camera Features. Many Mounting Points: Top/Bottom/Sides Expandable System Right Height/Mounting Pts for Big Lenses Precision Machined Aluminum


Viewfactor 5D/7D Cage

Easily assembled with marked parts and included fasteners. Unobstructed access to battery and CF card openings for quick change outs. 15mm lightweight wide bracket (sold separately) can be mounted...

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