Anton Bauer Dionic 90

Chemistry: Li-Ion, Lithium-Ion Output Voltage: 14.4V, 12 – 16.8V (operating) Connection: Anton Bauer Gold Mount Capacity: 90WH Weight: 1.7 lbs  


Anton Bauer HCX

Output Voltage: 14.4 VDC Power: Power: 120 Wh (Nominal 124 Wh; Typical 118 Wh) Li Ion battery, Sustains a 10 amp draw, Runs a 40W camera with a 20W...


Q-2702 Charger

Gold Mount Charger: The Q-2702 is fully compatible with all current and future Anton Bauer Logic Series Gold Mount batteries. Battery Bays: 4 Power:  90-250 Volts AC Weight: 4.1...


Anton Bauer Tandem 70

It combines all the functionality of a one position InterActive® charger with the convenience of a noise free camera mounted wide range AC Mains Adapter. The Tandem-70 will power...

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