My Gear Bag

Shane Hurlbut, ASC Gear Bag

gearbagindexI have been asked by many of our readers to share details regarding my personal Gear Bag. I use a vast array of tools to be able to tell all types of stories and wanted to break it down with detail. If I roll out with a Canon 5D MK III, then this is what I would use with it. If I am shooting with a C300, C500 or a 1DC, this is how I would accessorize it.

Pulling from years of experience and extensive lens, camera and rig testing, this should help you to avoid the land mines and make educated choices in building your personal kit. You will see price points that are vast, Mercedes vs. Ford style, but I wanted you to see that I have used both and these are the ones that I would recommend for a variety of budgets. I am also including pearls of wisdom with the plethora of lenses and cameras. I have learned so much on this journey. Here we GO!

Also remember that you can rent all this gear from Revolution Cinema Rentals.

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