FAQ: Having Issues?

If you’re having issues viewing our new layout, let us know


Our new blog layout allows us to show off our content in a new, easier to read way. The new article layout allows reading from left to right, rather than up and down like traditional websites.

Innovation can cause bumpy roads for some readers.  If you’re having issues viewing the site, please take a moment to read our FAQ.


“The article text runs off the page”

Our new blog layout requires you have a newer, standards compliant browser.  New browsers have a “columns” attribute that allows us to display our blog in a magazine format, but will not work on older browsers.  If you haven’t updated your browser in a while, take a moment to download Chrome


“I can’t scroll down, when I try it just goes left and right”

The new format is a horizontal layout, you shouldn’t need to scroll down. If you’re seeing text go below the page, you may have a browser that does not support “columns” and you should take a moment to download the newest version of your browser.


“I can’t comment on a post”

We had an issue with comments upon launch that you guys helped us track down.  It has been remedied.  Thank you to those who helped find this problem.


“The site is hard to use on my iPhone/iPad”

We are aware of the issue with iPhones and are working hard to correct it.  If you’re having issues browsing the site on your iPhone, please be patient with us while we work on a fix.


Seeing other issues?  Let us know

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