DIT Series: What’s On My Belt

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DIT Series: What’s On My Belt

Derek Johnson is a Digital Loader/DIT who frequently works for Shane. He’s going to review what he keeps in his kit. It is a hybrid of some of things a camera assistant might carry so he is prepared to assist if necessary.

Digital Loader/DIT, Derek Johnson



Utility Pouch:

Utility Pouch and Basic Tools



Derek has a Molle military style utility pouch that he wears on his belt.  Inside the pouch are the basic items he keeps with him at all times when working.

Expo Marker -For marking mags. He always keeps a backup marker.

Papermate Retractable Gel Pen

Twin Pen Sharpie

Olfa Sissors  with a serrated edge for cutting gaff tape.

Leatherman has a variety of tools for easy access.

Scorpion Streamlight LED which is  a professional flashlight similar to the Surefire, but budget friendly.

Craftsman Screwdriver, Slotted

Rosco Lens Tissue  for quick access to clean equipment.

Derek has a few tape rolls that he uses frequently so he keeps these clipped on his hip as well.

Tape rolls



Shurtape 1/2″ Artist’s Paper Tape – Orange – for laying down marks or for creating quick labels.

GT Pro Gaffer’s Tape Roll (1″ x 55 yd, White) – taping things down or labeling.

ProTapes Pro Gaffer Tape (2″ x 12 yd, Black) – for matte boxes or covering a surface.


All videos were edited on HP Z840 workstations using HP Z24x DreamColor monitors.



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