Tiffen Black Diffusion Series

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Tiffen Black Diffusion Series

Black Soft Effects 50mm


Black Soft Effects 85mm


Black Satin 50mm


Black Satin 85mm


Black Glimmer 50mm


Black Glimmer 85mm


Black Pearlescent 50mm


Black Pearlescent 85mm


Digital 50mm


Digital 85mm


  1. YUAN CHIN 11 months ago

    Hello Shane, thank you for the series ! I would like to ask black soft is the same as black pro-mist ? I cant find black soft on Tiffen website and B&H. Can you share the product link here ? Appreciate that

  2. Jagg P 10 months ago

    Great Series! Thanks. Where would you say the Black Pro Mist would fit in this line up as far as it’s characteristics?

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