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  1. Craig 2 years ago

    Great work on this, Shane! Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. James H 2 years ago

    Stunning to see the actual amount of work done from pre pro to final product. And all for just 30 seconds. Btw I do remember the spot well. Always wondered if the kid was an actor. And I see he was not. Makes it even more interesting to watch this unfold.

  3. Robert Leonard 1 year ago

    Incredible, thanks for sharing. I love the “surprise” vibe of Jake, what an endeavor to try and capture on the fly, WOW! My initial thoughts being a very small (emphasis very) video producer/director is the amount of resources (cameras, lenses, gimbals, etc) it took to do this shoot, and what your budgets must be like. Most of my promos I am happy to be paid $2000 for a 30 sec spot, and that amount wouldn’t cover even one of your lenses, LOL. When I try to compact this down to the type of work I do, usually crews of 2 or 3 individuals, its a little overwhelming to try and take any of this and apply into my workflow (at least right now). But, it is awesome to read through this and watch masters at work. If I step back though, I do get a lot from the treatments and story boarding Xander did — putting good ideas down on paper is a struggle for me a lot of times, and these examples really help me visualize my pitch deliverable better. I would love to get the chance to work on something like this with a group like this….the experience of being present at something like this must be worth gold. Thanks again,
    Shane Leonard
    Solid Rock Studios

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