On Set: Into the Badlands – Matching Artificial Light with Day Exteriors

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  1. Hitoshi T 2 years ago

    Hi, Shane. First of all, thank you for this great video. Learned a lot from this clip.
    I have few questions, and if you can answer anytime you have a chance, really appreciate.
    1. On Medium close up of Sunny, you mentioned M40 on condor worked as back light. Which light was working as fill light on his right side face?
    12×20 Fly swatter was working as soft back light or you just put bounce board which bounced M40?

    2. On MK`s close up, did you put any diffusion or scrims on M8? M8 from 5 feet away sounds too bright. I assume you put colored gel like syan, but quality of light on MK looks great, and I am really interested.
    3. What kind of light did you use for 12×20 fly swatter?

    Thank you so much!

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