Camera Technician Series: The Art and Science of Being a Focus Puller

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  1. Eleazar L 3 years ago

    Where´s the part 2?

  2. Gidion 2 years ago

    Am totally thrilled with Derek and how his made this seem easy. I appreciate and am getting to work already

  3. Brian R 2 years ago

    Am I able to download these to my computer to watch on the go?!

    • Author
      Shane 2 years ago

      Hi Brian, good question. To secure the integrity of everyone’s memberships, unfortunately, the answer is no. Thank you for your understanding. You should be able to stream as long as you are logged in, though.

  4. Analia 1 year ago


    I wanted to know how is the C-stand tree grip ?


  5. Matthew 12 months ago

    Is there a second part to this for the broader kit etc?

  6. Josh B 7 months ago

    Hi Shane,

    is there a part two?

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