Camera Technical Series: Get the Best Out of Your Dragon Sensor

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  1. Jason 3 years ago

    you mentioned talking about the different fan setting other then adaptive but never went into that, also- is there some information on why you chose 60-70 degrees as a target temp over say 64 (which i hear reco’d often). thanks

    • Jason 3 years ago

      diregard, i just got to the next page where you talk about most of that. apologies

  2. Jason 3 years ago

    for these low light tests- or any really that go from 320 iso to upwards of 12k iso = what did you set your black balance for? did you have to reset throughout the day?

  3. Roger 3 years ago

    are you going to do any of these tests with the new standard OLPF?

  4. Morgan C 3 years ago

    Great info! Is there any daylight exterior situation where you’d choose the standard OLPF over the Skin Tone OLPF?

  5. Andreas N 2 years ago

    Great LUTs here Shane, thanks so much! Are these all ok for use on the standard OLPF in the Red Weapon Dragon?

    • Author
      Shane 2 years ago

      Yes! The LUTs work well on the Standard OLPF on the Red Weapon Dragon. Due to it still being the Dragon Sensor, you shouldn’t see any problems. -S

  6. nader.almaghraby 1 year ago

    Hi Shane, this a great workshop for the dragon sensor. For my scarlet W, it has a new menu with indicates an auto calibration, I live in Dubai and most of the exteriors are in very hot and harsh environment, do I stick for the auto calibration or do it manual?

  7. Helle 1 year ago

    Hi Shane, The Red Pro Focus that is being used in the workshop for the dragon sensor, its that something you still are using ? the question is that Red is no longer selling it so I wanted to know if I should make the effort to finding one on eBay ? Thanks

  8. Uno C 1 year ago

    it´s there somebody reading this posts?.

    well, first of all thanks for all this course, really good Material.

    I have a RED Scarlet W. As you may know some things have change on DSMC 2 cameras. I would like to know about OLPF filters, how things have been change?, i see that RED offers different filters and mine came with “Standar OLPF filter”.

    Any observation around this?

  9. Uno C 1 year ago

    i now that Standar OLPF change the whole landscape. i want to know how many of this info stills works in terms of noise, sharpness, color, etc.

  10. Mario M 9 months ago

    Hi Shane i have question regards on the RAVEN I was recording a scene outside with the temperature of 96F and after 5 minutes my camera went off, my fan mode was in adaptive 38C, is it advisable to keep it in manual in very hot environments or what could you recommend me?



  11. Sathish 9 months ago

    hi guys, could somebody help me with how to download the bundle??

  12. nan 6 months ago

    new to the red word,one rookies questions
    why my dragon olpf has no name on it? nothing on both up and down?
    is that an order olpf or my camera has no olpf installed at all ?
    the camera is a used one,the pre owner don’t even know what’s an olpf……
    english not so good,hope you can undetstand what I said,thanks :)

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