How to Read False Color on Your Monitor

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  1. Dominik B 3 years ago

    Great video, thanks.
    So essentially knowing where you like your skin tones to fall on the key side, say for example 45 – 55 IRE for a standard day light scene, you can adjust your exposure / lights accordingly until the skin tones fall in that IRE range.
    So for example if your skintones were falling in 65 – 75 IRE, you could either stop down on the lens or dim the key light until the sintones fall into the correct range?

    I would use the false color on the Red Pro Touch Monitor to visualize this so would be unable to dial in the parameters of the false color like you do on the Flanders monitor. I would essentially keep cutting light until the skin tones fall in the sweet spot of 45 – 55 IRE.

    Are my assumptions correct?



  2. Ulrich 10 months ago

    Hi Shane,

    Great explanation!
    Obviously the % depends on the internal output LUT of the Dragon. In another session you switched to the golden LUT. Are the % levels the same within these Red LUTs?


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