Cinematography Solutions: How to Light Day Interiors

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Cinematography Solutions: How to Light Day Interiors

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  1. Malcolm Francis W 2 years ago

    i’m using this video set up as a reference for lighting a night interior for a short film, where i create a blueish moonlight coming from the window behind the lady, with a bit of smoke, luv that hazy feeling- What would shane do if this was night interior? thanks, shane

    • Author
      Shane 2 years ago

      Hi Malcolm,

      Shane would first read the script and get inside the emotion of the characters. Then is this a happy scene or a sad one, is this spooky or practically lit? These are a couple of my first questions. Then I would move forward. If it is a hazy back light feel coming through the windows to silhouette your talent, then maybe adding a practical in the room that he or she walks into or she is sitting at a table like Eli was in the Day interiors and I would motivate a light with a practical coming from the right side of camera or left, whatever works for your location restrictions in space.

      • Malcolm Francis W 2 years ago

        hi, shane

        Thanks for replying, here is the link of the short horror film, i mentioned.
        I would like your feedback, and this is my first time to light and shoot,
        since after i joined the inner circle in march.



        Malcolm wai

  2. Glen M 2 years ago

    Hi Shane,

    Really loved this tutorial so helpful! How much time do you usually have to setup on professional film sets? Low-No Budget film sets seems like there is low-no time to set up lights! Also, I’m really interested in purchasing the lights that you where using in this series – I’ve tried to follow the link but the link seems to be broken.


  3. Ulrich 11 months ago

    HQL/HQI forbidden in Europe…

    Hi Shane,

    of course I have seen HQL lights in big warehouses or industry buildings before – but always judged them as “too bad for shooting”.

    I see that with different eyes now – especially as a “full power” HMI replacement (DIY).

    While investigating here in germany where to get “sports fixtures” I found that since beginning of 2017 any HQL/HQI (Metal Halide Lights) sales are forbidden (at least for private use?) in Europe.
    EU government wants to lower energy consumption, so you simply cant buy these lights/bulbs no more (except some grey markets), and – too sad – I found LED lights (even the 200W COB versions) not strong enough to replace a big outdoor light.

    I was always wondering why a HMI fixture (not the ballast) is so expensive. OK – its getting damn hot and runs high voltage , so its a great approach to use these sports lights (of course lower CRI due to Metal Halide) as a DIY approach.

    Anyway , cant get them here , so have to find some budget HMI alternatives for blasting shafts of light …


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