Cinematography Solutions: How to Light Day Exteriors

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Cinematography Solutions: How to Light Day Exteriors

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  1. Ahmed E 3 years ago

    Questions about using a color meter to measure the sun’s K° throughout the day: If you’re shooting Pro Res 4444XQ on an Alexa and you keep it at 5600°K (Daylight Standard White Balance), would it be possible to match these different shots in post or does it create artifacts.

    Thank you,
    Ahmed El Lozy

    • Author
      Shane 2 years ago

      That should work out perfectly

      • Ahmed E 2 years ago

        Great. Thank you Shane.

  2. Ahmed E 2 years ago

    Hello Shane, thank you for this post.
    If I may say so, you went for a very flattering look in the girls’ close-ups. Would there be a situation where you would let the harsh shadows from direct sunlight play on their faces?

    • Author
      Shane 2 years ago

      Sure, I think the story will tell you what you need to do in those situations. It is easy to just let the raw light hit a face and call it good. But it is another to understand how to light it so that is flattering and still matches the tone and mood of the scene and does not look like she is lit.

  3. Wai Sun 1 year ago

    Hi Shane love the lesson, just got question about the light metering. When you say ” The light side of Monette on the far side of the camera is reading at F 8 and 7 tenths. The down side toward camera is reading at F 4 and 2 tenths. I like to light day exteriors two and a half stops down on the fill side. If your subject is being lit by sunlight, there is that two and a half stops down kind of feel. Our artificial sunlight is reading at an 11 and a half.” I don’t quite understand what you mean. The two and a half stops down does it mean the ratio between the fill side and the down side(F8 and 7 tenths to F4 and 2 tenths)? Could you please help me understand this part of the lesson please.

    Thank you!

  4. Stephen 9 months ago

    Hey Shane! I’m an IATSE DP for over a decade now shooting series and features. Just wanna say I still love your lessons, not for the broad strokes but for the insight into details. I also admire your dedication to teaching and sharing your love of the craft.

  5. Dan Shay 8 months ago

    Hello Shane. When are you going to put out a video on your uses of Half soft frost in day light exteriors? I’ve seen you suggest that you use it at noon, combined with the use of negative fill and bounce, but I am not clear on the look you are aiming to achieve. Can you give some examples from your work of half soft frost use in Daylight exteriors?


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