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  1. Mac R 4 years ago

    Hey Shane, i was looking for somewhere that sells showcards but i only can find colored show cards from filmtools. Is there a better place to find these tools? Thank you much!!

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Michaels or other arts and crafts stores. They are everywhere, or any art supply place. Much cheaper.

  2. Robert S 3 years ago

    Hi Shane, great tutorial! I was wondering, after reviewing the execution video, I was able to imagine the look for both OTS cameras. However, when using the wide angle lens to get the space of the room, “that rake over the keys”, as you put it, how did those back windows look in the shot? Are they visible? I was just wondering, it looks a bit dark on the
    lower side and bit bright on the upper side of the window, and I see a C-Stand, was a 3rd camera still used for a wide in this shot?
    Thank you.

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      That was a difficult day. We got rained on heavy. Day was destroyed and did everything to try and save it. Realize that I lit it with the understanding that there is lots of bright daylight out the window that went quickly away with the massive rain storm delay.

  3. Jamon 3 years ago

    Shane, great info, well worth the purchase!! A few questions:

    How many different Rosco diffusion are you using & which ones are you using exactly?
    The link you have posted in the list of gear used say it’s: “Rosco Cinegel #3032 Filter – Light Grid Cloth” not “Silent”
    but in the videos you say “Silent 1/4, Silent 1/2, Silent full grid” B&H sells them all, some that say “silent” and some that don’t say “silent”. B&H also doesn’t say how much of a stop except for the “Silent 1/4” so i’m a lil confused.


    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Here is what I use and in 2016 I am doing a full breakdown of every diffusion I love and their stop loss, their quality of light and the color temp change. They are awesome. Cannot wait to share them with all of you.
      You only want to go with silent.
      1/4 grid is 1/3-1/2 of a stop
      1/2 Grid is 2/3-1 stop
      Full grid is 1 & 2/3 of a stop

  4. Carel E 2 years ago

    Hi Shane .
    Is it possible to safe your tutorial for offline viewing

  5. Carel E 2 years ago

    Is it possible to download your Vimeo tutorials for later viewing ?

    • Author
      Shane 1 year ago

      Carl, with our current content delivery system, you will need to be online and logged into the Inner Circle.

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