The Musicbed Wants Your Short Film Ideas



I love The Music Bed. Literally, the day before the introductory video for Shane’s Inner Circle was supposed to go live, we didn’t have the music in place. My assistant David Weldon downloaded The Music Bed app from iTunes and Bam!, within what was really just a few minutes, we chose the music and had it licensed. Problem solved – and the video launched on time.

What I would like to tell you about today is a new contest they are running, looking for your short film ideas. Pitch your film idea, and the public will vote on two films they want to see, along with a Grand Prize chosen by The Music Bed. There will be three winners of the gear needed to make that project a reality, with more than $50,000 in prizes available from seven sponsors: RØDE, Kessler, Freefly, G-Tech, Blackmagic, No Film School, and Squarespace plus music and film licenses from The Music Bed and Film Supply.

Here’s how #ProjectFilmSupply works, step by step.

Step 1: Submit a short film idea + mood board for the project you’ve been dreaming about creating.

Step 2: Ask friends, family, and followers to vote for your project. I’d say that if you’re in Shane’s Inner Circle, the Facebook and Twitter groups are a great place to network!

Step 3: The Community + TMB will decide which three film concepts rise to the top and which one absolutely has to become a reality (the two runners-up will receive loads of incredible prizes).

The #ProjectFilmSupply contest ends August 31.

Here is the link to give it a shot:

Good luck!


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