Announcing Shane’s Inner Circle

Shane's Inner Circle

An Exciting New Addition to the Hurlblog

Many of you have requested that I create more – more in depth tests, more theory, more gear reviews, more answers and solutions for on-set problems, more access to the thought process behind my decisions, more immediacy and more direct access to me.

We are listening to your requests!

So, I ask you a question…

Are you passionate about filmmaking? You know that I am. I have been committed to sharing my on-set experiences on the HurlBlog for over five years because I wish there had been something like this when I was first starting out. I feel a responsibility as a successful filmmaker to give back and share the practical knowledge that no one seems willing to talk about.

During the time I have been sharing my experiences on this blog, you have been very supportive and have inspired me to do more – to keep writing about new on-set learning and to keep trailblazing with gear.

As technology evolves, artistic change is inevitable. I constantly challenge myself to talk about, think about, and write about new ideas. The intent is to elevate your knowledge base and creative ingenuity. We all must continue to challenge ourselves to achieve, to push beyond what we consider our comfort zone. I have built my career on achieving artistic mastery and I want to provide you with a technical foundation and creative perspective for doing the same thing. After months of design and planning, I have created Shane’s Inner Circle.

Shane’s Inner Circle is a monthly membership club designed to be intimate, interactive, and share extreme attention to detail for those of you who desire to take your filmmaking and storytelling to the next level. Many of you have voiced how my virtual mentorship has changed your life and that our current informational posts have helped shape you as a storyteller. This club is my commitment to help advance filmmaking knowledge globally. I think of it as being able to share the “Keys to My Castle.”

Monthly Club Benefits:

  1. On Set With Shane
    Thousands of people have asked me, “Can I be a part of your team to learn from you?” Unfortunately, I can’t bring everyone on set with me. However, how would you like to share the reflective immediacy of what I experience every day on-set? I designed this document to take you inside the process of creating a feature film starting on Day 1. It is an operating series that outlines my day to day challenges and triumphs from my latest feature film projects. These documents are jam packed with visual aids, location pictures, links, and lighting schematics that will share the decision process I go through every day. You can immediately apply these techniques to your workflow whether you are an independent filmmaker or a seasoned veteran.
  2. Power Blog Posts OR Lighting Fundamentals
    Imagine our current blog posts on steroids. Whether you are just starting out or a film professional, this advanced yet practical information is relevant to any storyteller. Lighting, lens choice, composition, blocking, and exposure are discussed in depth along with techniques for you to implement immediately. Video examples, testing and full audio commentary put you inside my stream of consciousness. Whether you are an indie filmmaker, a still photographer just diving into motion, a visual effects artist, lighting technician, or a seasoned cinematographer, these lighting fundamentals can be immediately applied on set or in your computer to add subtle nuances to tell a more compelling emotional story. The critical decision of where to place lights and when to add or take away light is discussed in detail. All video examples include my audio commentary as well as lighting schematics that deliver the why behind the how.
  3. Monthly Podcast
    This is a unique opportunity to have a personal connection with me as your “virtual mentor.” Submit your challenges and questions and I will answer them in this hour long Podcast giving you access to my 20 years of experience, ranging from career advice, to lighting techniques and everything in between.


Additional Options:

Camera and Monitor Profiles
Many of you have asked for my picture styles for the Canon 5Ds and 7Ds that I used on Act of Valor, the workflow SD cards formatted for the C300, C500, 1DC, and 5D MK III to increase your speed on set, and the Look Up Table (LUTS) for the SmallHD DP-7.

  • A. Picture Style Profiles
    Get access to the picture styles that I have used on Act of Valor and over a 150 commercials. They will transform your DSLR into a cinematic machine.


  • B. Camera Profiles
    Increase your efficiency and productivity on set by downloading these camera profiles for the C500, C300, and 1DC that my team and I roll out with on a daily basis.


  • C. DP-7 Monitor Profiles
    Download these profiles to transform your SmallHD DP-7 into an efficient on set visual tool. These profiles are pulled from my camera team’s experience, providing you customized smart key functions, focus assist settings, and 16 LUTS to help expose your creations.


  • In Depth Testing
    Lens, camera and lighting tests will educate you on what camera, lenses or lighting will best suit your creation.

There is nothing like the HurlBlog available anywhere and it will continue to be a free resource with regular postings. However, if you would like to engage with this blog in a more dynamic, detailed and interactive fashion, then please join Shane’s Inner Circle. It is like the Netflix for filmmakers. Lydia and I want to keep it accessible to as many people as possible and we are able to do this at $7.95 per month with the support of our amazing sponsors, who subsidize costs for what is really a $90.00 per month value.

    Sign up here for Shane’s Inner Circle

Click here

  1. frank 2 years ago

    the “Click Here”, link is not working?

  2. Ross Hamil 2 years ago

    I think this announcement was so awesome that it broke the internet. The “click here” link went to an error page for me.

    But, this is the greatest thing I’ve heard in a while. I’m running the BMCC and the BMPC 4k with my new DP7 and am always scouring your blog for info!

  3. Jared C 2 years ago

    Signed up and ready. Love it!

  4. Abobakr 2 years ago


  5. Bruce Birnbaum 2 years ago

    Signed up!

  6. Jordy 2 years ago

    Just signed up. Where can I pick up my keys to your castle? :)

  7. JohnnyH 2 years ago

    Looks amazing.

    Any link to T’s & Cs available before sign-up ?
    (e.g. how to cancel if need to, what happens if recurring payment due not made etc.)

  8. Rob 2 years ago

    This is AMAZING! I am so excited for this. Coming to your site has helped me grow leaps and bounds over the last few years…I think this is only going to make that growth stronger. Where I am located I have not had a personal mentor, pretty much have to rely on myself but now I think this fills in the gaps. Thank you so much for sharing you knowledge with us.

  9. Joey 2 years ago

    Just signed up and I can’t wait! I am a big fan of your work Sir and I want to thank you for sharing your Hollywood experience to the public at an affordable price!

  10. brian t 2 years ago

    I’m in!

  11. Luke Sorensen 2 years ago


    Just watched Need for Speed, hats off man. Unbelievable work, the essence of the car chase has been revived and the visual energy is top notch. Everything in your domain on this one was executed perfectly. Thanks for understanding the importance of sharing your knowledge and experience with the community. Truly professional, you got my 8 bucks.

  12. Schy G 2 years ago

    Awesome. Looking forward to this. Thank you for your time. – Schy

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