Vincent Laforet’s Directing Motion Tour

Vincent Laforet's arm

I saw a post on Twitter a few months ago from my friend Vincent Laforet (Réverie, Möbius , MōVI) announcing a nasty looking broken arm with the scariest looking x-ray I have ever seen. While most creatives would probably have gone crazy from not being able to work for a few months, Vincent, the practical man that he is, turned his luck around by producing a 10 week, 32 city educational tour called “Directing Motion.”

While I was shooting Fathers and Daughters in Pittsburgh, Lydia met him in his studio to discuss his recovery after the accident and how that immobility created the opportunity to finally analyze his favorite films from the greatest directors of all time. That analysis led to the creation of the content for this tour. Vincent is clear about his life goals and very focused on his future with family. Directing a feature is at the top of that list.

Thank you, Vincent, for making the time for this interview on the day before you left town to launch the Directing Motion Tour 2014.

10 weeks, 32 Cities:
May 15: Detroit, MI
May 17: Indianapolis, IN
May 18: Chicago, IL
May 20: St Louis, MO
May 22: Minneapolis, MN
May 27: Denver, CO
May 29: Salt Lake City, UT
May 31: Vancouver, BC
June 1: Seattle, WA
June 3: Portland, OR
June 6: San Jose, CA
June 8: San Francisco, CA
June 10: Sacramento, CA
June 14: Burbank, CA
June 17: San Diego, CA
June 19: Phoenix, AZ
June 21: Austin, TX
June 22: Dallas, TX
June 24: Houston, TX
June 26: New Orleans, LA
June 28: Nashville, TN
June 29: Atlanta, GA
July 1: Ft Lauderdale, FL
July 8: Charlotte, NC
July 10: Brooklyn, NY
July 12: Washington, DC
July 13: New York City, NY

Not coming to your city? That’s okay, there are HD DVD/HD Download bundles to watch and learn from the convenience of your home.

With this tour, Vincent hopes to be able to change how you view movies by opening up your mind to new ways of thinking, specifically in terms of how, when and why to move the camera, as well as blocking out action in front of it. For testimonials of previous attendees, visit:

If you could choose a topic for education or have a wish granted, what educational tours would you like to take your cinematography to the next level?

  1. Sean Kenney 2 years ago

    This is my first “training” seminar of any kind for filmmaking; I am very anxious. When I saw he was coming to my city, I figured that this may never happen again, and I should take advantage of it. June 10th!

    • Author
      Shane 2 years ago

      Sean Kenney, Vincent is a very intelligent man, and his breakdowns of the films looks impressive. I think you will be incredibly satisfied that you got your money’s worth.

      • Jared Caldwell 2 years ago

        Shane, I think an in-depth “Lighting for Story” workshop would be number one on my list. If you or any other DP goes on tour with this, I just hope there is an Atlanta stop. :)

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