The Musicbed – New Look for Music Licensing

Shane Hurlbut, ASC

When I think of the availability of music and how accessible it is now, The Music Bed is a perfect example of bringing the artist to the creator. This is what The Music Bed is doing. It’s these artists who never really had a voice who now have a voice.

They’ve just relaunched The Music Bed website, and it’s really changing the music licensing game. The brand new site has stacks of new features and artists, and music licensing just got way easier. You’ll also find a new opening video, “You’ll Know It When You Hear It,” with a few words from me and others like Vincent Laforet, Philip Bloom and Eliot Rausch about what makes this site so great. It can be fun to do some serious song skimming.

Philip Bloom
Vincent Laforet

They’ve rebuilt the website from the ground up. Every improvement made has been to better showcase artists with including big, beautiful photographs and retagging songs so filmmakers can find the perfect sync every time. The new Music Bed site is all about getting out of the way and putting the music — and the musicians — front and center.

The Music Bed

Everything has been retagged and recategorized to be more accurate and more intuitive. They’ve improved vocal tags too: ambient, choirs, duets, oohs and ahs, male/female — you name it, we’ll find it. You can now search for songs based on their characteristics: atmospheric, distorted, easy listening, funky, glitch, groovy, the list goes on. In addition to the 400+ artists and 30+ composers that were already featured on the site, there are now 30 new artists for you to choose from.

The Music Bed

Here’s an example of some licensed music we have used to enhance our videos on the blog. The song used in this video is Forward Back by Dexter Britain.

They’ve also got a really great blog you should check out. “Collaborating with Shane Hurlbut” was featured a few months ago, where I talk about working with different directorial styles.

Visit the relaunched Music Bed website:
The Music Bed

  1. Hampus 2 years ago

    Who shot the interviews? Wes Anderson? hehe… :)

    • Author
      Shane 2 years ago

      Hampus, ha ha, I thought the same thing. That low angle on me was not very forgiving.

      • Hampus 2 years ago

        I hear you, Shane. Haha, there’s a reason I work behind the camera xD

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