HDSLR Workflow and Etiquette

We’re sorry! This video series is no longer available.

  1. Bob D 2 years ago

    Hi Shane: Love the “thousand series” reset trick along with the file name to “none”. Going to adopt this workflow. On the media manager end, I like to assign a unique camera roll number, referenced to the “mag” number (A1, A2…etc). What’s your view on camera reports in this digital day and age, have you customized on for your workflow?

    Thanks again for sharing this great info.


    Bob Demers

    • Author
      Shane 2 years ago

      Bob D, I am glad you like these little tricks to keep you all organized. The camera reports have become more of assistant editor reports, where all the files are aligned with scene numbers or with commercials put into files associated with storyboard numbers. Now the editor as a much easier way finding all the shots.

  2. Hamza Ben 2 years ago

    Dear Mr.shane,
    i have a question that really bothers me not to have an answer for it, and it applies for dslrs and digital cameras.
    say you’re shooting with the BMCC log or 5D cinestyle or Alexa log…..how would you judge the lighting? how would bake the look in camera? can you for example create lighting ratios? how do you see them on screen which shows a flat colors? how do you add gels to lights or change the WB settings? when you Mr.shane shoot Log and when you don’t.
    i hope you’ll answer my question

    • Author
      Shane 2 years ago

      Hamza Ben, When I shoot in log, I have a monitor that is delivering a LUT (Look up table) that adds contrast and color so that you can judge lighting, contrast and the color that you are applying to a shot. I use Rec. 709 LUT on the Alexa and the BMCC, I use the Small HD AC-7 Canon Log LUT for the 1DC, C500, and C300 cameras. I am not a big cinestyle guy. I use Neutral -4 contrast -1 saturation on my 5D MK III. Hope this helps

  3. Lucas 1 year ago

    Hi there,

    Any reason why the videos are not available anymore? I really liked them.


    • Author
      Shane 1 year ago

      I just shot a new introduction. Will be re-released soon.

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