HDSLR Challenges: Working With a Still Lens

We’re sorry! This video series is no longer available.

  1. Jimmy 3 years ago

    Not sure if it’s YouTube’s fault or what but the sync looked dicey on the open. Nice video.

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Jimmy – Thanks for your comment. It appears to be a youtube issue. We are working to get it resolved.

  2. S. Allman 3 years ago


    Thanks for this introduction. I began investing in better glass this last fall and did a blog entry about my experiences with using Zeiss ZF.2’s as video lenses. Sort of like you, I quickly found the compromises I was making because of (lack of) budget. Some of the readers on this blog may find my experience useful, so here’s the link…


    …wishing I had the budget for Cooke primes,


    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      S. Allman. Thanks for the comment and support.

  3. Ashley Scott Davison 3 years ago

    I saw these shorts you did on B&H last year and they’re quite educational. Wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed your lecture at Masters in Motion in ATX- your understanding of lighting, framing, and equipment blew me away. You have a way of really connecting with your audience and I know I wasn’t the only one feeling empowered after working with you on the break-out sessions. Thanks again for all that you do to encourage the industry!


    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Ashley Scott Davison. Thank you so much for those kind words. Masters in Motion was such an awesome event, and I was inspired by all of you. Looking forward to next year.

  4. Jesus Hidrogo 3 years ago

    Hey Shane, after seeing some of you’re tutorials I decided to purchase a PL lens for my 5d Mkii. I hoping you could help me out with which PL mount to choose.

    Which do you recommend the mount with glass or no glass?

    Thanks again,
    Good luck with the “Need for Speed” production.

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Jesus Hidrogo, the only PL mount that works is one that is supplied by Hot Rod Cameras and that is purchasing the whole camera and mount. Those PL adapters do not work well at all and on very few lenses.

  5. RobG 3 years ago

    Hi, Shane

    Thank you for a great educational website! I am returning to the industry after being away for many years and your information is invaluable. Do you recommend a DSLR that allows for setting ISO, shutter speed and aperture in manual mode? Some DSLR’s only allow for ISO and shutter speed. Also, would you recommend the Nikon D800? I know the high megapixel causes the low light quality to suffer at higher ISO’s.

    Thanks you.


    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      RobG. Thank you for the comment and support. Having manual control over your camera is key to controlling the image which is a necessity. I did some testing with the D800 and its a good still camera. However I much prefer the Canon 5DMkII and 5DMkIII for shooting video.

      • RobG 3 years ago

        Thank you, Shane for your quick response. I have a few additional questions if I may… Has Episode 4 been produced on the starters kit? Also, I have read about your 4, 5 and 6 prime lenses of choice. Do you have a preferred zoom if needed? Lastly, what is the best way to mount Nikkor AI/AIS lenses to a Canon if I go that direction. By changing the F mount or by using an adaptor?

        Thanks again for your input and for all you do.


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