Collaborative Workflow Event in LA

When Neil Smith, the founder and owner of Hollywood DI, asked us to participate in their Open House event on October 20th in West Hollywood, we were happy to collaborate. Neil has been a leader in the digital revolution, and his company offers affordable finishing and color correction services with its base in a modern HD post-production workflow. This will be a great opportunity for you to really dive in and go hands on with cameras that have not yet been released. The event is free, but please pre-register.

“Collaborative Workflow: Innovations in Digital Acquisition and File-based Workflow” includes presentations and demonstrations of the latest in digital capture and workflow applications. There will also be look management and color correction demonstrations throughout the day, so stop by anytime when your schedule allows.

I will be keynote speaking at three different times. This is one of the last opportunities for me to do this kind of thing in LA before the Need for Speed feature kicks into high gear. I will also be in New York with Canon on November 15th at CCW Expo and at Masters in Motion in Austin, Texas on December 4th (forgoing any change in shooting schedule).

Collaborative Workflow Event in LA
11am and 2pm
Canon’s 4K Arsenal for Storytelling
Shane Hurlbut, ASC will take you on an immersive journey of innovation and discovery with the new Canon 4K platform. Camera etiquette, workflow, short cuts, tech talk, color correction and new rig systems that will increase your speed and accuracy in the field. Use the unique qualities of these compact cameras to best tell your stories.

Pulling Back the Curtain in Color Correction with the New Line of 4K Cameras
Shane Hurlbut, ASC will discuss the color correction process of the Canon RAW 4K files from the C500 and MJPEG 4K Canon LOG files of the 1DC, as well as the RAW 12 BIT 2.5K files from the Black Magic Cinema Camera. Q&A to follow. (Seating is extremely limited for this session.)

On display in the exhibition area will also be working demonstrations from Revolution Cinema Rentals, Aberdeen Systems, Assimilate, BlackMagic Design, Christy’s Editorial, Codex Digital, ColorFront, Dolby Digital, FilmLight, LumaForge, Sonnet Technologies, and Sony Electronics. Revolution Cinema Rentals (formerly known as Hurlbut Visuals DSLR Cinema Rentals) is a company founded for cinematographers by cinematographers that began as a direct result of the innovation and shooting experiences on the feature film Act of Valor. RCR is a newly formed corporation owned by a small group of investors. I remain an active, collaborative partner and one of several veteran cinematographers who use RCR as their go-to rental house.

I hope to see you on October 20th at the event, which runs from 10:00am to 4:00pm at The Lot in West Hollywood. Please register at the link below, where you can also find more information:
The Lot, West Hollywood


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  1. Pablo Gustafson 3 years ago

    Wow great timing, just moved to town this week so definitely going to come out. Any recommendations on getting seats for the color correction Q&A?

  2. Ron 3 years ago

    Here’s a possible crash camera (GoPro Hero 3) that may be useful for Need for Speed. Shoots 4k but at 15fp/s. It does 2592 x 1458p / 24 fps. You probably are aware of it already.

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Ron, thanks so much Ron. I love that little camera, gonna crush that baby a lot.

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