The Next Gen in Digital Film Capture: Canon’s 4K 1DC

Today, I stand on the NAB floor with my wife Lydia, CEO of Hurlbut Visuals. We both reflect on how far we have come. It was Lydia’s vision to build the educational / inspirational HURLBLOG, which passes on our collective experience and trail blazing spirit. She envisioned the innovation arm, our Master Cinema Series in conjunction with the Letus Corporation to toss gasoline on the revolutionary fire, and the Hurlbut Visuals’ creation arm that has produced the next chapter in Canon’s story. What a visionary woman.

Canon 1DC

Canon 1DC

NAB Show

NAB show floor

NAB show floor

At a trade show such as NAB, you can get caught up in looking at all the camera technology, gizmos, gadgets, etc. so quickly. But the story seems to always ground me. Today, Hurlbut Visuals launches a short film written and directed by another very talented woman, Po Chan. “The Ticket” is her follow up to “The Last 3 Minutes.” Please enjoy!!!

The Elite Team and Talent watching playback on a HP Dream Color MonitorThe Elite Team and Talent watching playback on an HP Dream Color Monitor

The Ticket

 Director Po Chan on location at the Santa Monica Pier

Director Po Chan on location at the Santa Monica Pier

The right tool for the job has always been my mission. Whatever camera helps tell the story, aids in character development, helps deliver emotion and transports you to a unique cinematic world for you to experience — wouldn’t you say that is the primary goal of a cinematographer?

The 1DC on a Master Cinema series rig with Tiffen Glimmer GlassThe 1DC on a Master Cinema series rig with Tiffen Glimmer Glass

Getting in close with the 1DC with Canon 50mm Cinema Prime with MCS action cam rig

Getting in close with the 1DC with Canon 50mm Cinema Prime with MCS action cam rig

When Canon approached me to test and shoot a short film for their new 1DC 4K DSLR, I was more than excited. This is the world that I have been trailblazing for quite some time. When the camera was delivered to Hurlbut Visuals, my Elite Team and I sent it through various tests, using what we had learned from our collective experience with the Canon 5D MK II. After the first night of testing, one word came to mind. WOW!!!

Steadicam Operator Chris McGuire operating the Steadicam with the Revolution headSteadicam Operator Chris McGuire operating the Steadicam with the revolution head

Close up of the revolution head

Close up of the revolution head

When you harness 4K into the small footprint of a 1D, give it the processing power to record to little CF cards with no external recording devices needed.  Now that is where the WOW factor comes in. I can blind you with tech specs, wine and dine you with test footage, but this is not what I am about. If this unique device transports you and rivals 35mm film, then my job is done.

Elite Team Member Mike Svitak Elite Team Member Mike Svitak

Everything about this camera will blow your mind. The image stands alone, with not even one competitor entering the playing field. What you are going to see on the web will never do this camera justice. You need to run out, knock down doors and demand screenings of this camera on a 4K Sony or Barco projector. I have walked up to 6 inches from the screen, and you cannot see a pixel. If there were only one booth, you could visit this week, that booth would be Canon. This is a company that I believe in, not because they make the best DSLRs in the world, but because they are coming from R & D that is about replicating film, not HD video. This is a big difference. Canon is delivering DIGITAL FILM, now in 4K, and in this creation, they combined both divisions – Video and DLSR. So you are getting the collective brain power of two huge engineering monoliths. This is a big step for Canon.

 Shooting The Ticket


This is as Techie as I get

Out of the gate, the camera functions just like a 5D, 1D. It uses the same menus, and it is easy to navigate. You can save all your favorites and settings on a CF card and pass them from camera to camera. It records 23.98 at 4K at a size bigger than super 35, which gives you a shallower depth of field. It has a mirroring function so that you can view the back LCD screen, as well as an external EVF or monitor. 4GB equals 1 minute of 4K. Lexar cards that process at 1000 mb/s, UDMA 7 are the only things that can capture this baby. 60p at 1080 Full frame sensor, so you gain all the benefits that the 5D’s full frame sensor gave you. Rolling shutter was less apparent. Moire did not exist. Picture styles are like on the 5D, so you can go in there and make your own.

Canon Log was one of the most exciting functions of the 1DC. At 400 ISO, it will give you a dynamic range of 12.5 stops. The log looks unbelievable. You can expose it easily, not like Cinestyle or other flat files. No h.264 codec here. This records to motion jpegs, and the WOW factor goes up when you see how the slight compression to the cards makes it look just like film. This compression, that I have embraced and love, softens the highlights, skin and rounds the 4K capture.

Canon 1DC specsCanon 1DC specs

The contrast ratio feels more like a hill than a cliff. Skin tones are absolutely beautiful. Vitality abounds with the Canon’s sensor and color space. I could care less that it is 8 BIT color. I am getting it very close, and Dave Cole, our colorist at Technicolor, had a huge range to deal with. Canon’s 8 BIT feels like 12 BIT with its color space and reproduction.

The Ticket


ISO Range

The effective native ISO of the chip is 400 ISO in Canon Log. There are no native ISOs like the 5D, 7D, and 1D. Through testing, I was able to go to 6400 on the Neutral picture style as well as Canon Log and see the noise that I saw at 1600 ISO on the Canon 5D, which is what 70% of the night photography was shot at on Act of Valor. That noise is minimal. It doesn’t look like the C300 at 6400 ISO, which looks very noisy and a grain texture equal to 5219 pushed two stops, which is marginal. Shooting at 6400 ISO, with minimal noise/grain will shake things up. I felt that it handled the highlights of night photography wonderfully on Canon Log. Holding all detail in color on neon, flo’s, street lamps with no hot burning video looking boca. There was no evidence of sensor pattern in the out of focus highlights that you get from every other camera. It just plain looked like film. This is an A Camera system. Period!!!!

This is just the beginning of a 5 week series about the inner workings of The Ticket. There will be a BTS post, two lighting posts, a producing post and texture process post, so stay tuned. Thank you to Simon Beins and The Three Fishermen for the original song “Those Kisses” on “The Ticket.”

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  1. mel haynes 3 years ago

    Shane, again you and PO deliver an amazing short. I started watching to see what this device could do, but now I have to watch again because the story captivated me, along with the visual storytelling you and your team employed. Amazing.

    Also, I have to give a big thanks to Lydia for starting this whole adventure. We are all very fortunate for what you all give to us. I am grateful for all the work that goes into this.

    P.S. The camera is pretty cool too ;)

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      mel haynes, wow, thank you so much, I will pass this onto Po and Lydia. They both rocked this out.

  2. Rory McHenry 3 years ago

    WOW. Fantastic short and the camera looks incredible. Well done to all and thanks for all you and the team do to promote this exciting medium.

    Would love to see this in a side by side comparison with the Alexa…

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Rory McHenry, thank you so much for your kind words and support. Yes I cannot wait, I have already seen this and I will leave it up to you.

  3. Scott Gold 3 years ago

    Wow, looks fantastic Shane! Saw Technicolor in the credits…was Cinestyle used?
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Scott Gold, thank you for you kind words, no Technicolor did the color correction with Dave Cole at the helm on the Luster.

  4. Carl Olson 3 years ago

    re: “What a visionary woman.”

    Shane, we’ve always regarded you the HDSLR guru, but always suspected that Lydia was the real genius behind the scenes :)

    Of course together the dynamic duo!

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Carl Olson, ha ha, the secret has been discovered. Yes, absolute brains behind the operation. Thank you so much for your support my friend.

  5. Chris McGuinness 3 years ago

    Shane, you are awesome man! I was not sure what to think when I saw the release of this camera. I’ve been shooting TV commercials and Music Videos with the 5D, bought the 5DMKIII and looking towards the future of this breed of camera. I must admit I was a bit surprised by the price point for this DSLR. Obviously, the proof is in the image and Canon approaching you about testing was a no brainer. The film looks amazing! I know I have never posted on your site before, but thanks for all your insight. Very inspiring! Can’t wait to get my hands on this camera!


    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Chris McGuinness, welcome Chris and thank you so much for those very kind words. This will shake it up huge. The price point is right on. It is 4K in a DSLR, this is very powerful.

  6. Jon Roemer 3 years ago

    Really nice. Just watched it twice.

    Great camerawork, stunning imagery, fine acting – and some nice moments -> the slo-mo as they run out of the store, the silent thanks for the ferris wheel operator.

    I have a C300 on order since late January, still hasn’t arrived, maybe that’s a good thing…. :-)

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Jon Roemer, thank you so much for those wonderful words of support. I will pass on your comments to Po, I think she knocked it out. The C300 is a great camera, but holy smoke Batman, this one is pretty impressive.

  7. Daniel M 3 years ago

    Wow is all I can say, and that’s without having watched this on a BIG screen. Great job on the cinematography Shane, I feel you truly captured the essence and emotion of the story through the camera. Great story, great acting and an all around great production. Thank you for sharing this short as well as your thoughts on the camera. Looking forward to the rest of the posts.

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Daniel M, thank yo so much for those kind words. On the big screen it will blow you away. I will pass your kind words onto Po and our incredible team.

  8. Shaun Escayg 3 years ago

    Really nice work. This is def an A camera. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. Would love to see the behind the scenes too.

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Shaun Escayg, thank you so much for those kind words, BTS coming your way baby on Thursday!!!

  9. Matheus Oliveira 3 years ago

    Another amazing job…just Fantastic !

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Matheus Oliveira, thank you so much for your kind words

  10. Oli Kember 3 years ago

    Hi Shane,
    This looked wonderful. Free from all the usual HDSLR tell-tale signs. I can see why you liked using it. Looking at the picture above of you dropping the camera off the balcony I thought ‘What’s he doing now??’. Then I watched the short and I didn’t even notice the trickery in that shot, I was right there with the characters. Thanks to Lydia for all her work and I’m looking forward to reading future posts about ‘The Ticket.’

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Oli Kember, thank you so much for those kind words my friend. I loved this camera, very powerful tool. I will pass on your thanks to Lydia, she rocks. Many more posts coming your way. The BTS gets launched on Thursday, fun stuff.

  11. Fahnon Bennett 3 years ago

    Wow, that looks extremely awesome. I can’t buy a $15k camera right now, but I sure as hell would love to rent one (and a great lens package to compliment).

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Fahnon Bennett, thank you so much for those kind word and support. This is going to shake it up!!!

  12. Juhani Väihkönen 3 years ago

    Can find the right words now, so I will just say Amazing Work.

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Juhani Väihkönen, thank you so much for those kind words

  13. Jon Chema 3 years ago

    Very interesting and exciting. As you stated earlier while talking about AOV…IMMERSION baby! Like never seen before!

    My question is this: when shooting at these upper ISO’s and “nuking” the sensor, how do the highlights behave? Do ordinary practicals bloom in a nasty way or are they rolled off nicely like 35mm film? At first glace the upper ISO’s seem pointless as most stuff is lit- unless of course you’re shooting only available light. Thoughts?

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Jon Chema, thank you so much for your kind words of support. The highlights roll off just like film, they looked absolutely amazing. I used available light, but added here and there to make it look cinematic and not just shooting with available light. I find you are taking the time now at these higher ISO’s to take light away and then adding little accents to make it special.

  14. Fabio Seyding 3 years ago

    This camera will establish the DSLR-Platform in Hollywood. So exciting.
    A real game changer!!!

    Shane, Did you experienced any sort of Rolling Shutter Problems while shooting with the 1D C???
    Just curious, because there seems to be no Rolling Shutter in the final movie. (Even in the shaky shot when the ActionCam is chasing the actors out of the store).
    Would be great if there is some improvement compared to the 5D.

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Fabio Seyding, thank you so much for your support. We did not have any rolling shutter issues or moire’ which was very promising.

  15. Nathaniel Kohfield 3 years ago


    The short film you did for this post was amazing! It had me at the edge of my seat the whole way through! It has been great to follow your post on the 1DC as well as Philip Blooms.

    Have you heard any news on the price? Last I heard it sits around 15k right now but there was talk of it being lower around 9 to 10k by the time it comes to the market. Would love to know your thoughts on that as well, do you think its worth it to spend 15k on a DSLR that shoots 4k when you have the new Sony NEX FS700 coming out and camera’s like the Red Scarlet that are priced if not the same but lower?

    Nathaniel K

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Nathaniel Kohfield, thank you so much for your wind words. Glad you enjoyed it I will pass this onto Po. Not into the pricing game. Not sure where they are headed, just no that what I saw on the screen looked like Kodak 35mm film for the first time.

  16. Andrew Wall 3 years ago

    The Marketing on this one is very strange.
    Shane and Canon kept praising the 1D-C like it’s the second coming of the Christ
    (just watched the “imagine what’s next” event) when at the same time the way superior C500 is also being presented!??
    Is Shane basically saying that the image of the 1D-C is better than the one of the C500? that would be very counterproductive in this case…
    Please don’t come a’knocking with “different Cameras for different Jobs” cause the C500 is roughly twice the size making it just as compact & efficient and smokes it’s little brother Specs-wise
    (if you have that kind of money in the first place the difference to the C500 won’t matter, and if you’re renting it’s no-brainer as well)

    I guess Canon itself doesn’t really know who the target audience is for this overpriced piece of equipment so they try to create a little charade with a well known D.o.p. like Shane to shift focus from the facts

    All that glitters ain’t gold folks…

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Andrew Wall, for decades we never use one camera to tell a story, Jeff Cronenweth knocked it out with Man and Beast. I felt the C500 delivered an amazing look and feel. The 1DC has its own look and feel. One that I have embraced for over 3 years. To tell a story multiple arrows in your quiver are required, its also depends on the director’s vision and the 1DC is one of those powerful arrows. Shooting 4K all in camera without any external recording device is huge. Shooting film I would shoot on a Panavision Platinum camera for my A Camera, then I would shoot with an Panavision XL for steadicam and B Camera, then an Arri 435 would be my C and D camera for high speed and rigs, then a Arri 235 for action handheld. As a cinematographer these are my personal preferences, but the story will speak to you and tell you what to shoot, always base these choices on the story over the tech.

  17. N.K.Osborne 3 years ago

    WOW! Amazing camerawork and directing. Nice little story. Loved every moment of it.

    Looking forward to more behind the scenes post.

    This camera is awesome. People who are complaining about price really don’t understand what this camera brings to the table.

    I think Canon should fill in the $5k – $7k range next and they’ll be on point.

    Hoping to be as good as you one day. I continue to watch what you do. Also what my other favorite cinematographer does; Robert Richardson.

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      N.K.Osborne, thank you so much for your wonderful kind words and your support. I will pass this onto Po. I think she rocked it out. Canon has a plan afoot, don’t they always. This is a very powerful tool, that comes with a price. Bob Richardson is one of my mentors. I love his style and composition. He is the master.

  18. Alan Dang 3 years ago

    Wow. Stunning work.

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Alan Dang, thank you so much for your kind words

  19. Jake Wilganowski 3 years ago

    Shane, incredible work! One question, and I mean this sincerely. In reading this, it seems like this is the ONLY dslr sized 4k cam in existence, what are your thoughts on this vs epic, from a Dp perspective of course. I’m sure you’ve used epic. Look, no hidden agenda here, just an honest question from a potential buyer, thanks in advance for your response!

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Jake Wilganowski, thank you so much for your kind words, the Epic is a tested digital capture device. This is in its infancy,it has all the dslr quirks and you have to know how to shoot DSLR’s, period. Know how to show the camera’s pros and not showing its cons is what I have been working on for over 3 years. But I have to say that in its infancy, the two side by side. The 1DC blows it out.

  20. Ralphie 3 years ago

    This all looks great Shane but have you ever considered shooting on a Cisco FlipCam? I think flip’s censor offers such a better variety and depth of field. Canon is great but Cisco has paved the way since before the T2i. Also on the MinoHD they released a software update that rivals the 5D’s CineStyle! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Flip, it works wonders for me and my crew

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Ralphie, wow, that sounds cool. Love to hear more about it.

  21. John Hess 3 years ago

    Hi Shane, I got the chance to pixel peep from the 3rd row at Sunday’s exhibition. A couple of questions…

    During the running scene at 4:30 or so I noticed a pretty significant drop in resolution. Was this due to post adding a warp filter to stabilize the footage?

    Also, forgive this little bit of criticism… there were several scenes where the focus was soft – like the side of the head was in focus but not the eyes. I think this may be a fatal flaw in the pursuit of 4K – being that this camera has no way of outputting a 4k signal and has no electronic focus assist (peaking), it seems like there’s no way to be absolutely sure visually that you’re in focus. The only way is to rely on markers on the lens. Was this your experience shooting this?

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      John Hess, That was at 60p which the camera can only shoot 1080p at 60, both Po and I thought it would work well being a dream sequence per say. The shallow focus, was me being a little greedy and not giving my pullers enough stop. We were harnessed with a prototype hand built camera that in Canon log could not go above 1250 ISO. So I had to stay in the 2.0 range which is daunting task for a focus puller. Now this has been rectified and the camera now will go to 6400 ISO with minimal noise in Canon Log. Tip of the spear, bleeding edge.

      • John Hess 3 years ago

        Thanks for the insight Shane! The focus issues when shooting 4k on this camera still make be very nervous.

        But like you said, perhaps the solution is just shooting with deeper focus.

  22. Ansel 3 years ago

    Congratulations to you and your wife for building such a great business. It’s like they say “behind every good man is a great woman!”

    What are you throughts on the GH2 (hacked) Vs the Canon 5D – as far as film/cinema look? There are some new feature films coming out shot with the GH2 and they look impressive. Just wanted to get your feedback.


    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Ansel, thank you so much for your kind words and support. Yes she is amazing!! No comment on the GH2. Have never been a fan of that camera.

      • Ansel 3 years ago

        Thanks Shane. I appreciate it. We own 2 Canon DSLRs and are planning on using them for an upcoming feature film.

        My wife is a partner in my business as well, so I know what it’s like to have a great wife behind you.

        As a side note: I think you would do well adding a paid membership site as part of your whole education package. I have a best selling book on on the topic of membership sites. Let me know if you’re interested. Happy to mail you a copy of my book.

        Thanks again,

  23. Markus 3 years ago

    Great work, Shane! I just can’t wait to see the ‘behind the scenes’ :)

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Markus, BTS will be released on Thursday. Stay tuned its a good one.

  24. Ron 3 years ago

    Amazing piece of “art” so to speak. One particular shot I like is the shoe tying. You draw people right into the story. Well done, like usual.

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Ron, I will pass this onto Po, I love that shot as well, when Po showed me her storyboards that one always stood out.

  25. Sabysachi Patra 3 years ago

    Hello Shane,
    This is amazing. Love this. I was waiting to hear impressions of a respected person like you. Good to know that the 1D C blows away the Epic and the F65. Any idea if Canon is going to include 25p at 4K at some later date. I am thinking of using this for wildlife. Thanks once again for your impressions and the wonderful film.

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Sabysachi Patra, thank you so much for your kind words. This is exciting times. Yes I have already met with engineers and we are making that happen before the release in the fall.

      • Sabyasachi Patra 3 years ago

        Thanks Shane!

        Good to hear that 25p is going to be included in the 1D C. Did you ask the engineers for including zebra, peaking etc. I am sure that should not be a big challenge for them.


  26. Manuel 3 years ago

    Hi Shane: great work AS ALWAYS….You have no idea how you have been inspiring me in these years…Your joy is kind of contagious…Anyway…A quick question: this camera looks great, have you noticed any 24p weird flickering? Thanks and have a great day! Manuel

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Manuel, thank you so much for your wonderful words and support. This is a hand made camera, complete prototype. Did not notice flicker.

  27. jlevy 3 years ago

    blows away the epic??? wow, if that is true then this is better than anyone sees at the moment. epic is the only choice for vfx and green screen shoots. if this camera at 15k beats the epic at 70k, then we have a big problem, well canon does, because they are going to be back ordered for a long time!

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      jlevy, ha ha, yeah baby, shaking it up

  28. jlevy 3 years ago

    and no one is mentioning anything new at NAB today, is that it? done? anything else new we should know about?

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      jlevy, I loved the new 4:3 Arri ALexa anamorphic which will be delivered at the end of May, looking to use this on my new feature.

  29. Derrick van Niekerk 3 years ago

    Hi there,

    Wow, the whole team did an amazing job on this. I have to agree the camera seems to handle very well in many aspects, skin tones, details, rolling shutter, noise.

    Quick question, I pressume the sound was still recorded externally?

    Thanks in advance also to all the other posts coming about this, I know it is a lot of work, but I as many appreciate it tremendously that you guys do all that work for us!

    thanks again,

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Derrick van Niekerk, thank you so much for you kind words. Yes we did both, we put a wireless mic and plugged it into the camera to sync sound to the CF cards. You are very welcome.

  30. Emanuel 3 years ago

    Thanks man :) A true indie is just like that: a true indie. Cameras are only tools, we and them, both serve what only matters, i.e. the pictures produced by the combination :-) No elitist BS improper of moviemakers, you and your free/rebel spirit are an inspiration! God bless you!!

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Emanuel, thank you so much for your wonderful words and all your support.

  31. Cinemascope 3 years ago

    yes so far it looks very cool, but sorry thats not a filmic looking image! very contrasty and non-organic, maybe thats the grading…

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Cinemascope, this is on the internet, in a 4K theater it has all the subtleties.

  32. Daniel 3 years ago

    What do you mean exactly with -The image of the 1DC crushes the RED, F65 and ALEXA in one fell swoop?

    • nathan 3 years ago

      I was wondering the same thing.

  33. Guilherme Rambo 3 years ago

    This short is amazing, I really got immersed in the story and totally forgot about the camera thing. After watching It a second time I can say the image quality is very impressive.

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Guilherme Rambo, Thank you so much for your kind words, the story is what is all about, this just happened to be the right tool to immerse the audience and deliver that intimacy.

  34. Konrad 3 years ago

    >Canon is delivering DIGITAL FILM, now in 4K

    That’s what she (RED) said years ago. Still not there yet.

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Konrad, this comment is coming from a cinematographer that has shot 17 feature films on 35mm film not a camera company, right?

  35. Draganche 3 years ago

    All I wanted to say was already said in previous posts!
    Great piece, a little sad to watch in the morning :-)
    Besides that, everything else is great,and what else can be expected from Hurlbut Visuals and Po Chan.

    Greatings from Serbia!

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Draganche, great to hear from you my friend. Thank you so much for your kind words.

  36. kitl 3 years ago

    Sorry, but what all this proves, for the nth time, is that technological development, and the skill of DPs and crews, is so far surpassing the writing and storytelling abilities of writer/directors — not to mention a disastrous TV-derived norm for “good acting”, that it all begins to seem pointless.

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      kitl, point taken and thank you for your comments

  37. Alex 3 years ago

    Where’s the short film?

  38. Paul Gillingwater 3 years ago

    What happened to the Vimeo video? It was there this morning, but now Vimeo says “This video does not exist.”

    It’s also missing on the homepage.

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Canon snafu. We’re back.

  39. jim 3 years ago

    it shows the video does not exist..ironic from a video guy lol

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      We’re back in action. It was a snafu from Canon!

  40. Karl Stelter 3 years ago

    Ahh! Very excited about the camera and your review of it makes my cinematographer insides all warm and fuzzy. The video on vimeo says it “doesn’t exist” though! Any other place we can check it out?? Thanks for taking the time to write the great review and I can’t wait to check out your work on The Ticket!

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Thanks so much for your support. The video is back in action.

  41. Arie van Dam. 3 years ago

    Looks very good!!
    Just wonder… does this camera overheat?? The C500 seams to have a big cooling system… This one doesn’t. Love the form format though. I shot RED, Panavision Alexa Arriflex etc etc… But last big documentary, which one it’s first award.. on a Canon 5D MKII. Love the small size for this kind of work.
    Cheers, Arie.

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Arie van Dam. Thank you so much, the hand made prototype did overheat once on us. I have already talked with the Canon engineers and they are working on this as we speak. They will have things dialed in before the release in the fall. The form factor is amazing. The color depth and sensitivity is amazing.

  42. Wurb 3 years ago

    Hi Shane, looks great but can we please watch the 4K movie in full HD?

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Wurb, I would love that, we are being dictated by Canon and its roll out. Stay tuned

  43. Paul 3 years ago

    Awesome I loved it!!

    Also If you happen to see Andrew Kramer at NAB be sure to say hi to him for me.

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Paul, thank you so much for your kind words

  44. cynthia 3 years ago

    Hi Shane,

    Thank you for your great website. Sorry to be off topic but I was wondering what your opinion was of the Canon 5D Mark III video capabilities vs. 5D Mark II ?

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      cynthia, you are very welcome, it is our pleasure to give back to this amazing community, fuel the revolution. Go with the Mark III, the bugs are getting worked out and the sensor does not skip lines which is a big deal with moire.

  45. Rustin Cerveny 3 years ago

    I was great to see “The Ticket” in the Canon 4K theater at NAB. The picture looked amazing and the story was great! Congrats to you and the rest of the team that worked on the short.

    Before the announcement of the 1DC I was leaning towards investing in a C300 as the 5D2 feature “Absentia” checks start coming in. Now I am really leaning towards 1DC since according to Canon the still capabilities are the same as the 1DX. We live in really exciting times!

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Rustin Cerveny, thank you so much for your kind words of support and glad you had the chance to see it in 4K. Whole world of difference. Yes these are exciting times. This is a very powerful tool.

  46. Keith Lanpher 3 years ago

    Perhaps, if you had shot it on Panavision Platinum and used your choice of glass and Kodak stock, there would have been a complaint that it doesn’t look enough like DSLR. We live in odd expansive times, and there aren’t many definitive answers. You are brave to even look at the comments, but always nice to see your work.

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Keith Lanpher, I teand to not do what people expect. Everyone told me Act of Valor was not possible. You have to go out of your comfort zone to push yourself as an artist. Period!!! the old way is about to be nuked.

  47. Marc B. 3 years ago

    Out of all the footage I’ve seen from new cameras that have come out in the last year, this is by far the most impressive. I’m still trying to figure out how many CF card changes would be required for a long day of shooting??? I’m probably still going to buy the 5D MK III, but this will definitely be the tool I plan on renting for my A Cam. THIS is what I’ve been looking for. A hearty thanks to you and your whole crew and post team for showcasing it’s so well.

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Marc B., Thank you so much for your kind words of support. It is 4GB a minute so a 64GB card will give you 16 minutes. We had Lexar cards that recorded at 1000mb/sec and even up to 128GB which would give you 32 minutes. The post workflow is really easy. Firewire card reader. I will pass on the kudos to the team

  48. Frank Redward 3 years ago

    Hi Shane.

    Was amazed at The Ticket both story telling and the visuals.

    I suspect if it were not for you guys trailblazing we would not have the 4K 1DC as we know it, I’m sure you and Vince have opened Canon’s eyes.

    One question please, it means a lot to me, Is the 1DC, in Full HD 1080 as sharp as the C300? Is it as sharp as the C500 in full HD?

    If it is then I’ll have to buy one rather than just get a 1DX, the 1DC appears the be the ultimate DSLR for a stills/video freelancer right now.

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Frank Redward, I feel that the C500 is sharper than the 1DC because of its RAW workflow, but the video out of the 1DC at 4K and 1080 is spectacular. It is the ultimate DSLR.

      • Frank Redward 3 years ago

        Shane, thank you for your reply.

        It looks like the 1DC won’t be released till around October, so I assume Canon will put more finishing touches on the camera based on feedback from the field.

        Your energy and your team’s enthusiasm for the camera is so contagious in a good way it makes me feel the sky is the limit too.

        I’m very interested in the 1DC 1080 24/25/60/50p sharpness compared to the C300 in either RAW workflow or through CF cards and in the absence of any other hands on examples please may I ask your take? Is the 1DC as sharp at 1080 compared to the C300 or at least is it close?

        Naturally at 4K it’s very very sharp as is mentioned in the BTS and I noticed some comments re The Ticket saying the 1080 vision seemed fairly soft, a comment I suspect might be a little unfair.

        Thanks again for you fantastic work Shane.

        • Brian 3 years ago

          Im also really curious to see the HD1080p, especially recorded out through hdmi to something like an Atomos Ninja in prores. For $15, 000 I would expect it to be as sharp as the c300 and for it to have similar latitude with c-log. I’d be disappointed with anything less.

  49. Charles Brepsant 3 years ago

    Dear Shane,

    Wonderful short, congratulations. Very impressed with the 1D-C – and your shooting.

    Am i correct in thinking you applied a slight darkening of the image on the girl, at the last moment before she disappears/jumps? If yes, was that in post or on set?


    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Charles Brepsant, thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, we did that all in post. Dave Cole at technicolor who was our colorist, isolated her skin buy using the Luster roto tool and sucked the life out of her skin.

      • Darryl 3 years ago

        Sorry Shane but did you mean Autodesk Lustre? Luster or Lustre? Just clarifying.


  50. Charles 3 years ago

    Well done! Nice story.
    With a Panavision it would have been impossible to do the 04.21 trick.
    I look forward to other posts or The Ticket. Thanks!

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Charles, thank you so much for the kind words ands support

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