Adobe’s Al Mooney Hurlblog Interview Part II

In part II, Adobe Premiere Pro Product manager, Al Mooney, details the process of creating a piece of Adobe software. With a very collaborative and forward thinking environment, Adobe continues to push the boundaries of video editing software. Mooney also discusses his inspiration and source of passion for this line of work.

  1. Andrew Gupta 4 years ago

    I don’t know that Premiere Pro gets the credit it deserves. It’s been the most advanced and forward-inclusive NLE for at least three years.

    Premiere’s aggressive embrace of DSLR video also deserves recognition.

    • Shane 4 years ago

      Andrew Gupta, I couldn’t agree more. I love the way it opens up the h264 codec. So filmic.

  2. Matt Short 4 years ago

    Premiere Pro has this (underserving) stigma of not being a professional tool. To me, it blows away Avid. Most everyone in the post industry uses Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, etc anyway. To have an NLE that seamlessly integrates with all the other Adobe tools is invaluable. Not to mention the last couple of versions of Premiere have been way ahead of the curve. Oh yeah, and Adobe actively seeks input from it’s user base – what a concept.

  3. D 4 years ago

    Agreed. I think the stigma came from the earlier versions of Adobe Premiere Products (Cs4, etc). Avid is just an overblow piece of editing software in my humble opinion (and I know, I use it), FCP has lost its professional edge with their attempts to streamline the editing process in the latest version, but Adobe Premiere is at the very top of the game for NLEs. One production house I’m working with has completely switched over from FCP to Premiere and they haven’t looked back since.

    Great interview, beautifully shot. Thank you for posting.

  4. Steve M. 4 years ago

    Is it just me, but this looks like the audio sync is about 5-10 frames off? I’m viewing this on my iPad, that shouldn’t make a difference, but to me the audio is ahead of the lip sync. Nice piece BTW!

    • Author
      Julien 4 years ago

      Hey Steve, It’s weird because I see what you mean but I checked it in my original file and it looks fine… perhaps something with the upload. Thanks for watching and for your comments!

  5. Zack 4 years ago

    I’m in school right now, and I have teachers that have called Premiere a “toy” piece of software. And while I haven’t had a chance to really edit with Avid yet, but I am getting so fed up working with Final Cut Pro (7 and Pro X). Maybe it’s the computer at my internship right now, but Premiere just works for me when I come home. I love the integration with other Adobe software. I suppose there is a tool for every job, but I find everything to just be easier in Premiere.

    • Shane 4 years ago

      Zack, I could not agree more. Adobe’s tool set is so diverse.

    • Rudiger 4 years ago

      I once had a teacher who would argue with us about how much better Apple was to PC. The whole multimedia faculty seemed apple obsessed. Totally biased opinions from people Ive since found out why they became teachers in the first place, they cant rely on their “skills” to make a living in the real world. People who are stuck in a mindset and are narrowminded shouldn’t teach. In the end, cutting shouldn’t be about the tool but the craftsperson.

  6. David Moore 4 years ago

    Shane –

    Sorry I’m posting here but I didn’t know where else to post. I just saw the trailer for “Act of Valor” at and wanted to tell you how great it looked. You guys really hit it out of the park. I can’t wait to see that move. Also, I know you hear this a lot but thank you for all you do for the rest of us. You really are an inspiration.

  7. Didier Clermont 4 years ago

    Shane “Act of Valor” looks amazing, you are going to change the game with this one. I can’t wait for the release think I’m gonna go watch it more than 20 times to support & tell all my peers to check it out. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the action scenes feels soo personal, the framing of the shots, the coloring this movie will be the Ish..

    • Ron Whitting 4 years ago

      What can you say, SHANE is nothing but a breath of fresh air in this industry. Shane had the guts to try something new when no one else even new what was actually going on. Shane is what I call a trend setter not a follower. Shane keep up the great work so we all can keep learning from a master of the art of video and film creation. Your are one of the top greatest Directors, Producers, and Videographer-Film maker I have ever seen.
      Shane, You are a legend that just keeps on growing everyday. PLEASE DON’T STOP.

      Ron Whitting/ A.F. Productions
      Tyler, Texas
      Executive Producer-Owner

      • Shane 4 years ago

        Ron Whitting, what can I say Ron, I love your passion and thank you so much for your amazing words. You are the reason I continue to give back. I will never stop, I don’t know what those words are, they are not in my vocab. Any time I get comfortable I veer as an artist. Taking a still camera and showing its brilliance on a 60′ screen has been my mission. Let’s see what people think on Feb. 17th 2012.

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