PRO NIGHT: HDSLR Filmmaking with Jacob Rosenberg this Thursday, May 26, 2011

In February of 2009, I walked through the doors of Bandito Brothers production company and I realized at that moment this very talented creative house team would change my life. Scotty Waugh, Michael McCoy and Jacob Rosenberg met me and showed off their unique working environment that was a series of army tents as offices, located in a beautiful barrel warehouse in Culver City. They had three edit bays, two After Effects bays and above all of that was the Millennium Falcon: media storage, mother board, servers and the offices of Jacob’s amazing post division team. They welcomed me with open arms and it has been a wonderful collaboration.

In the Trenches on "Act of Valor" in 2010.

In the Trenches on “Act of Valor” in 2010.

When we started playing around with the Canon 5D, very few people were shooting with DSLR cameras. The Bandito team was visionary enough to shoot a full length Navy SEAL feature on them called “Act of Valor.” Together, we wanted to change the way the audience experienced an action film. This is the most 3D film that was shot in 2D that you have ever seen. It is real, visceral, inventive immersion. Call of Duty style! Jacob guided me through the post process and how to get the most out of this camera’s 8 BIT color space, by giving me an incredible post production playground to test the camera, lenses, and picture styles. You name it, we tested it. Then we used Cineform and Adobe CS5 to deliver images that didn’t feel like they were shot on a $2,500.00 still camera.

Jacob’s vision is ahead of its time. After all he does run the Millennium Falcon folks. There was no road map with this technology; we had to create everything. Jacob and his team designed a production etiquette workflow to log, manage and label the footage in a way that the assistant editor could quickly organize and import into the Avid. “Act of Valor” took 12 months to film and both of us to four continents, 15 states and under the Atlantic Ocean. After this we both felt that we had earned our stripes with this platform and how to get the most out of it. Jacob and I then started to speak together at NAB: Jacob about his expertise with post and me on the production side. We did webinars together educating and inspiring filmmakers on the power of this camera system. Jacob is a natural educator and gifted speaker as well as a post technologist. Most importantly, he is a very passionate filmmaker.

You don’t want to miss his Jacob’s event this Thursday, May 26, 2011.
6pm – 7:30pm
MOCA Los Angeles

Hurlbut Visuals DSLR rentals will be supplying several rigs that were used to film “Act of Valor” and Jacob’s Documentary “Waiting for Lightning” with Danny Way.

Matt Hensley (Pro Skateboarder and accordionist from Flogging Molly)

Matt Hensley (Pro Skateboarder and accordionist from Flogging Molly)

Danny Way & Mat Hoffman discussing with Jacob Rosenberg at Woodward West

Danny Way & Mat Hoffman discussing with Jacob Rosenberg at Woodward West

  1. Brendan 5 years ago

    Cool. It’s very nice to work with someone who shares the same passion as you. I have yet to find that. Keep it up.

  2. Shelika Emmanuel Jnr 5 years ago

    Its nice to experience knowledge flowing from a pool situated on an experienced and passionate alter. The hdslr filmmakers are proud to be associated with this movement and transition. But when are these opportunities going to be available to the filmmakers resident in Africa and other far parts of the world? Because, the truth is I live in Nigeria, and I wish I could be part or rather bask in this awesome radiation of knowledge Sir. Shane is projecting to humanity. Thanks Shelika Ee’mman Jnr- Nigeria

    • Author
      Shane 5 years ago

      Shelika Emmanuel Jnr, I agree and I want to thank you for these kind words, this is what inspires me to continue to give back. Thank YOU!!! Big hugs and kisses to Nigeria.

  3. diffid 5 years ago

    “You name it, we tested it. Then we used Cineform and Adobe CS5 to deliver images that didn’t feel like they were shot on a $2,500.00”

    So does Cineform form part of your workflow, it doesn’t seem to get mentioned much at all and wonder whether the outlay is worthwhile?

  4. Richard Allen Crook 5 years ago


    You guys are all such inspiration to me! Will be in LA for a premiere at New Filmmakers @ Gower Studios, wish you could go and see our film shot on the 5d. Fortunate for me this Pro Night event is happening while I’m there! I’ve signed up and looking forward to it!

    • Richard Allen Crook 5 years ago

      And FYI…the Eventbrite pages says the address is 152 NORTH CENTRAL AVENUE, Los Angeles, CA 90013. I hope I don’t goto the wrong place!

      • Richard Allen Crook 5 years ago

        The event was great, Jacob was awesome. Lots of good stuff!

        • Author
          Shane 5 years ago

          Richard Allen Crook,thank you so much for supporting him. You Rock!!!

  5. Matt Short 5 years ago

    Crap, I missed it. This is what happens when I don’t come to this blog everyday! Did someone record the event and will it be available online? Also, when is Act of Valor coming out?

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