The First Annual Hurlbut Visuals HDSLR Bootcamp

Wow! What an amazing weekend. I am completely exhausted and that takes a lot! Our Bootcamp participants for this two-day intensive came from around the globe including: South America, Iceland, Italy, Mexico, South Africa, Hawaii and Puerto Rico! It was an inspiration to have such a variety of talented professionals: cinematographers, directors, still photographers, industrial video shooters, AC’s, and editors networking and learning. That shows the power of this HDSLR revolution!

Bootcamp Participants in Action

Hurlbut Visuals Bootcamp Participants in Action

Day 1

Boot Camp attendees learned about: Menus (Mike Svitak), Cinema & Still Lenses (Marc Margulies & Derek Edwards), Media Managing (Julien Lasseur & Jake Burack), Out of the Box Rigging (Dave Knudson) and Rigs and Follow Focus (Darin Necessary & Bodie Orman) in small groups with lots of hands-on and tips to save time while shooting. John Guerra and I did the Lighting and Exposure station.

Still and Cinema Lenses with HV Elite Team Members Marc Marguiles and Derek Edwards

Still and Cinema Lenses with HV Elite Team Members Marc Marguiles and Derek Edwards

Menus with HV Elite Team Member Mike Svitak

Menus with HV Elite Team Member Mike Svitak

Sound with Thomas Popp

Sound with Thomas Popp

Media Management with HV Elite Team Members Jake Burak and Julien Lasseur

Media Management with HV Elite Team Members Jake Burak and Julien Lasseur

Out of the Box Rigging with HV Elite Team Member Dave Knudson

Out of the Box Rigging with HV Elite Team Member Dave Knudson

Lighting & Exposure with Shane Hurlbut & John Guerra

Lighting & Exposure with Shane Hurlbut & John Guerra- Actress Eli Jane is the model

Rigs and Follow Focus with Darin Necessary & Bodie Orman

Rigs and Follow Focus with HV Elite Team Members Darin Necessary & Bodie Orman

At the end of the day, Station #7 was a curve ball! The participants had been assembled into groups without understanding why. The Elite Team and I passed out production books that contained 2 scripts and a shooting schedule for the following day. The teams were thrown together to brainstorm with storyboards and shot lists and had to make an equipment wish list.

Day 2

Brian Valente presents Shane with the Camo rig


A large portion of the day was spent shooting in 4 different sets that were pre-lit, filled with gear and talented actors!  We had editors on-site, waiting to receive footage and turn it around quickly for viewing. Mid-day, Brian Valente of Red Rock Micro presented me with a camouflage painted shoulder studio rig by two Marines that Brian brought with him who arrived in full uniform with ammunition cases that were loaded with Red Rock Camouflage t-shirts. Thank you, Brian!

Bootcamp Team in Action with guidance from Shane

Bootcamp Team in Action with guidance from Shane

Actress Rachel Kolar with a dolly push in move by participants

Actress Rachel Kolar with a dolly push in move by participants

Shane checks shot

Shane checks out the shot and gives some advice and insight

At the end of the day, everyone spent time viewing the footage they had shot on a 25 foot screen in the Light Iron Digital Screening Room. Siobhan Prior and Travis Schoen were lightening fast with editing the eight 2 minute shorts and Colin Smith from Adobe, set up the CS 5 Premiere Pro real time workflow for us to save on the converting time. Mike Knafer (Adobe) spent many hours to ensure the post workflow worked as effectively as it did. We were able to shoot it out of the Premiere Pro tower via HDSDI to the Pablo for real time color correction with colorist Ian Vertovec who was so talented under strict time constraints.  LiteIron Digital‘s amazing team: Peter Cioni, Michael Cioni, Katie Fellion, and Chris Peariso were instrumental in collaborating with Mike and Colin to make the afternoon go smoothly.  It was a challenge to pick a winner out of the four groups that had participated as they had all done very impressive work. Team A grabbed my eye with their style and use of unique camera angles to tell the story.  Every member of the winning group won a $100 Samy’s Camera gift card.

Editors Shioban Pryor, Travis and Colin Smith from Adobe with laser focus in post

Editors Siobhan Prior and Travis Schoen deliver the edits with speed and precision

Over the course of the weekend, several lucky participants walked away with raffle prizes including a Zeiss ZE 50mm lens, a Redrock Micro rig, a Tiffen Water White Indie Filter kit, a Marshall 5” On Board Monitor (these won’t be available to the general public until the end of September!).

A huge thank-you to the most amazing Elite Team ever! Without their input and expertise the Bootcamp would never have made it off the ground.  Producer extraordinaire Greg Haggart and his team: Amy Filbeck, Eleo Cuadra, Jake Burack, Miles Michaud, Kevin Anderson, Sam Kim, Brayden Baird, Manuel Zaeferer, and Julien Lasseur made the entire production run smoothly with commitment and follow through!  Barry Anderson of Mogo-Media directed and produced his team: Bry Sanders, Eric Goodfield, Brad Seals, Sarah Levy, Ade Brown (all camera operators), Thomas Popp, Vincent Fatato, John Austin (audio engineers) and Chris Fenwick (editor/data manager) to capture the video content. They all did a phenomenal job of capturing the important Bootcamp moments without being intrusive. Lastly, Lydia and I would like to rave about our Hurlbut Visuals Elite Team: Ryan Fritz (web developer/still photographer), Reid Givens (programmer/still photographer), AnnMarie Knutsen (social media guru) all with Ryno Technologies and Anne Gaither (customer service). You rocked it!

Alternative Rentals Digital Cinema provided us with an amazing space and put up with the immense amount of gear and long hours.

There will be a destination location HDSLR Boot Camp coming in 2011. Stay tuned.

Thank you to our sponsors: Adobe, Alternative Rentals, Anton Bauer, AudioDepartment, AZ Grip, Bartech Engineering, Canon, Dana Dolly, Doggicam, Gripside, HotRod Cameras, HP, J L Fisher, Kino Flo,, Lite Panels, Marshall Electronics, MOGO Media, Moonlight Generators, Paskal Lighting,  Red Rock Micro, Samy’s Cameras, The Camera House, Tiffen,, Zeiss, and Zuccarini Films.

  1. Arnar / Iceland 5 years ago

    Thanks for a fantastic time Shane!

    The Boot Camp was very informative and totally worth flying all the way to L.A. for. It was great meeting new people and making friends.

    Were you going to make the team videos available? ;)

    • Author
      Shane 5 years ago

      Arnar / Iceland, yes, absolutely we are still working on that. I had a blast and I am glad you enjoyed yourself and felt you learned a lot. Yeah baby!!!!

  2. Nance Flynn 5 years ago

    Thanks for posting all this, Shane! It was an amazing experience! I met a lot of new people.

    Do you have a picture of that awesome screening room with all of us in it at one time? I love that room!

    • Author
      Shane 5 years ago

      Nance Flynn, you are so welcome. It was a pleasure to work with you Nance. I am not sure about the screening room, it was 0′ Dark 30 in there. I will check with Ryan.

  3. ivan 5 years ago

    hy shane,
    can you give me the name of italian people that partecipate to the bootcamp.i live in italy and i’m searching a collaborator for a future film that i have to shoot as cinematographer with hdsrl.

  4. It was an experience that will never be forgotten and how Shane changed how I thought you need millions of dollars to make a movie, now it is clear that you only need to be creative HDSLR is here to liberate indie filmmakers. Thanks again Hurlbut Visuals and the Elite team.

  5. Gianluca 5 years ago

    Hello Shane! How is going there in Mexico? Can you share anything about your shooting sessions?
    I’d really love to be there with you and the Elite Team.
    There is any place where I can go and pick up a copy of the footage shot by Group A? Can you please also remind me the name of the journalist who attended the bootcamp and the name of his on-line magazine? Thank you very much and hope to see you again soon.

  6. Justin Aleprn 5 years ago

    Thanks Shane and the Elite Team. It was blast. I love that I made the behind the scenes pictures. Arnar/Nance it was nice to meet both of you. I hope all is well.

    • Author
      Shane 5 years ago

      Justin Aleprn, It was an absolute pleasure to work with you. I had so much fun and learned so much from all of you. You are very welcome.

  7. Gianluca 5 years ago

    Hello Shane, I purchased one of your viewfinder :) I mean the HP Dreamcolor monitor… I’m pretty happy about it and it behaves similarly to the Eizo screen that I use for photography’s purpose. Now my next step is to figure out how to attach it to the Pelican case in the way it was at the bootcamp. So bad that I didn’t take a picture of it… I’m sure that someone of your Elite team has a secret receipt for the task ;)

  8. Bob Franco 5 years ago


    I’m wondering what your thoughts are on the soon to be released panasonic
    AF 101 with the 4/3’rds chip and “normal” video camera features?

    • Author
      Shane 5 years ago

      Bob Franco, I will love to check it out, but I feel it will be the same bad Panasonic color space and their grey skin tones. They are ENG manufacturers. Nothing else.

  9. Gianluca 5 years ago

    I will contact Darrin for sure thank you so much and please let me know when and where we can see the stuff you shot from the deck of the ship :)

  10. Adam 5 years ago

    We were a little late to the party, but we hope everyone enjoyed having the TURNKEY HD Sprinter at there disposal on day 2 of the bootcamp. We enjoyed it. Thanks Shane.

    • Author
      Shane 5 years ago

      Adam, It was a pleasure having you and thank you for all of your support.

  11. George Pauley 5 years ago

    Hey Shane – that Grainger 1500 watt light you mention a lot in your blog. You say it outputs equivilent to ~4k HMI? What color temp is it? Do you mostly bounce it? Any info on that light would be awesome!

    Thanks for everything. I love reading your blog.

    • Author
      Shane 5 years ago

      George Pauley, Those lights kick ass. They are around 6600K I go direct with them for hard edges, I bounced them a lot on Terminator. I took there bale system and mounted a Jr. spud on it so that you can rig them and or put them in a stand. I bought 800 of them for Terminator: Salvation for the Skynet testing center sequence.

  12. George Pauley 5 years ago

    Shane – a few more questions about the Grainger light. When diming a practical bulb, the temperature gets lower and warms the light, correct? So, if I put a dimmer on the Grainger light, could I then lower the temp to 5600k to be more daylight balanced? Or better yet, what gel could I use to match it to tungsten or daylight? Also, how do these lights look on skin tones to you?

    • Author
      Shane 5 years ago

      George Pauley, you can not dim a Grainger light. It has a ballast and needs all the power possible to keep the bulb lit. It is not a high end HMI that has a 1 stop dimmer in it. You will have to use CTO color correction to warm the light up to get it to the desired color temp, if you want to make it perfect you will need some minus green filtration also.

  13. Boston videographers 5 years ago

    err I keep receiving an problem whenever attempting to skip towards the following post

  14. When are you planning the sequel? I’d love to join in…

  15. Ron Whitaker 4 years ago

    When is the next Bootcamp going to be held and where is it? I tried the website,, but it’s not working.

    • Author
      Shane 4 years ago

      Ron Whitaker. We took that website offline, and we are gearing up for the next bootcamp. We will give you more details as soon as we solidify them.

  16. Casey Carr 3 years ago

    This looks awesome, when is the next one and how do I sign up?

    • Author
      Shane 3 years ago

      Casey Carr, not for awhile, I am shooting a movie till June 1st 2013.

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