Vincent LaForet, Canon and Vimeo Video Contest

Vincent LaForet recently announced an exiting video contest where he is collaborating with Canon and Vimeo. I am excited to be one of the judges because I know the creative product will be amazing!

Here is an excerpt from Vincent:

“There is A LOT OF POTENTIAL here for something very special to come out at the end…  each video chapter will start with and end with a still image… you need to interpret the previous photographer/filmmaker’s still to start the (your) subsequent chapter (those are pretty much the ONLY rules/guidelines (outside of the obvious))… should make for a pretty unique series of chapters in the end!

So watch the video above and find out more!  I’m on vacation with family and I’ll get rolling with regular updates and much much more information early next week!  For now – start charging those batteries… it’s your turn!

The Story Beyond the Still – Behind The Scenes from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.

Judges for the contest include:

Philip Bloom – Director/DP

Russell Carpenter – DP – “Titanic

Rodney Charters – Director/DP – “24

Nick Childs – Director/Producer /VP Grey Advertising

Shane Hurlbut – DP – “Terminator Salvation

Stu Maschwitz – Senior Visual FX Supervisor – “The Spirit

Rick McCallum – Producer – “Star Wars

Blake Whitman – Director/Editor – Mr. Vimeo himself.

I’ll be a judge as well of course.”

  1. Brandon 6 years ago


    Very exciting stuff! Definitely appreciate all your insight into this new realm of cinematography!

    Look forward to seeing what else is in store!

    – Brandon

    • Author
      Shane 6 years ago

      Brandon, Thank you so much. Very exciting times.

  2. Rob Lawe 6 years ago

    So, how do I get involved?
    Rob Lawe, Director

    • Author
      Shane 6 years ago

      Rob, Vincent Laforet’s blog has all the information.

  3. Bennett Broach 6 years ago

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  4. Warren Pharel 6 years ago

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    • Author
      Shane 6 years ago

      Warren Pharel, thank you for your kind words, and I promise to continue to trigger thoughts

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